Sunday, August 07, 2005

Back to where I belong-2

And why not when we are on the verge of getting sequels of every damn thing!
Anyways, I don't know how I managed to remain out of Blog world for so long because I really love it here!
It is just that on 1st June I joined my dream job. For two months, we had training; and after that when we were alloted our offices, the Mumbai disaster struck us--the Flood!But now, work has started. I'm learning. But to top it all--I M LOVING IT!Next weekend we have our First Alumni Meet. Add to that 15th Aug is on Monday, and frankly I'm not excited about Republic Day, but the Holiday as a result of it!!!
That reminds me, today I read in MID DAY, that Karishma Kapur's husband has stopped her from making a trip to US, and she was going there to be a part of Independence Day Celebrations??!!What about our own Independence Day?
Waise bhi, mainu ki?!