Friday, December 28, 2007

This and That!

I saw Jab We Met recently and I loved it. I have never seen Kareena do such a fabulous job ever before in any other movie. She even looked good. Shahid was OK but Kareena was the star of the movie; really lived her part! The song “Ye Ishq haaye, baithe bithaaye, jannat dikhaaye” is playing continuously in my head since I have seen the movie. The song is super-awesome.

Well, another year on a close. So like all Publications and all Channels, I want to think about the year gone by. It has been a good year for me. I got Married this year, so it is going to be special for the rest of my life! I had a great time at work. Actually, in retrospect, I can’t see anything going wrong, but next year I want my brother to get married and settle down. He is the greatest brother in the whole world. Really! If somebody would challenge that they have a better brother, I can take it. Because, I’m convinced, that’s not true. I will recount a moment during my marriage, when I felt tremendously proud of him. It was my “jayamala”, as usual people had lifted Gagan up (ahhh…….don’t they have any creativity!) and I was supposed to put the garland. I thought; let’s see how long you people can stay that way. But there comes my 6 feet tall brother, who lifts me up and there I put the garland easily, yeah, on air. But I still get very emotional about that moment. I wish somebody had clicked it from a distance to get the full view of the moment. It was too good.

Well, I am so glad that I have an elder brother. I would not have liked it any other way; and I would not like to change anything even if I get a chance!

Actually, I am in the middle of our annual event, which is called “Lightshow”, which is a multi-city event where we showcase our latest products to our customers. It is a huge event for us. I am just back from the morning sessions and will go back for the evening sessions in a few hours. This is the 2nd Lightshow of the Season, and the 1st one for me!

When I think about my job, I feel good that I’m doing what I like doing. Of course, there’s so much one can do, there’s absolutely no limit but in a limited time you have to give your best. I think I learned a lot here. But there’s still so much to learn! Frankly speaking, I have to learn so much more about our range of products—what we are doing and why we are doing!

Sometimes I think what is “enough”? Is there anything called “enough”? Do we ever feel that we have “enough”? Because no matter how much more you earn, your needs increase accordingly, and then that’s not enough any more. There’s always run for more and more. There’s never enough!

Coming back to movies, I am watching “Vivaah” since last 2 days. Actually, I try and watch it whenever I get time, so I’m watching it in bits and pieces. I know it is not the right way to watch a movie but it does not really matter in “Vivaah” . It is the same old sugar-sweet kind of movie from Rajshree productions, the same old “Prem-story”! I have seen half the movie, and for some strange reason, Amrita Rao has not spoken even one sentence properly. The “good-girl” she is! But she is really pretty. I totally like her. Well, the songs are nice and hummable. But when will Rajshree stop making marriage movies!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


As Monica famously said, immediately after her marriage to Chandler, in Season 7 -- “I will never be a bride again”! But here there is no regret! What is more wonderful than finding your Mr. Right and then being able to marry him? What is more fabulous than living your dreams?

I really think I got more than I expected. I got married in Noida. Imagine being brave enough to do that, despite knowing about “Dilli ki Sardi”! Besides, I thought probably half my relatives would drop out because of the far flung location. Add to that the trouble of arranging everything in an unknown place, that too in the height of Marriage season, and in a place where marriages are ostentatious and lavish!

But, well, God was on my side. Delhi temperature had not dropped by then (it touched it’s all time low, after we had all safely left the place). Almost all my close relatives made it; including my childhood friend (I never expected she would be able to attend my marriage). To top it all, my in-laws took all the pains of arranging everything. Everything was in Delhi-style, to our delight. We also relished the occasion thoroughly, because none of us had ever seen any such marriage before. Hmmm…it was grand. I loved it. Everyone where full of praises for my in-laws. Full marks to them. In fact, with so much of make up, it was even hard to recognize me!

It has yet to sink down that I am married now. Nothing has really changed, except that now I get up and make breakfast! We are still the same, may be fight a little more, which will be a lot clearer when my in-laws will return to Delhi and we will be able to fight full on. Sometimes when we fight (and I fight even on slightest of reason), I become very philosophical and think if it is a big enough reason to be filled with so much of anger on such petty issues, not even worth discussing here. That is the reason why I am quick to say Sorry also. But nevertheless, I am the one who fights more, and I have no issues accepting that. I know I am very impulsive. I am working on that. Actually, I need to get back to reading “When we are so much in Love, then why aren’t we Happy!”

Earlier all my plans used to be based around marriage! It is too soon to think in terms of long term objectives right now, but what I really want to do immediately is settle down things quickly and think about what I want to do next. Frankly and ideally speaking, I would like to have more time for myself, for family and for life. I don’t know what am I doing working like this or living like this! I wonder about that quite frequently. What is the larger picture? Where am I heading? A bigger house, a better salary, a more luxurious holiday? But is that life? I mean, I have no issues with people who live for that, but my concern is whether I want to live for those? I have yet to find out. I want to be in a job which is creatively more fulfilling, may not be more rewarding financially but there should be an inner sense of achievement and pride.

Coming back to marriage, I think marriage should bring stability in life. It means to have a companion to share your worries, discuss your problems, enjoy your happiness together and talk………yeah…talk a lot because when you talk you open a door to your inner self.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

If we are so much in Love, then why aren't we Happy?

Although right now I’m completely off books, the last book which I was reading was “If we are so much in Love, Why aren’t we Happy?”. The first thing you would think, or everybody would think when they find me reading this book is -- am I not happy? I am Happy, very Happy. I have every reason to be happy, but when sometimes silly things lead to heated arguments, when stupid questions lead to bigger questions, when something unwarranted slips out of your mind and you regret never to have said that, when you say so many things without thinking; you realize are we giving too much importance to smaller and unimportant things?

I picked up this book because I genuinely wanted to know, where are we wrong? Why we end up arguing without wanting to do so? I have read a couple of pages and one thing which has come out very strongly is, we are wrong when we start expecting others to change. The first thing which we should accept is nobody and nothing is going to change, if we are looking at change, we should step towards changing ourselves. It also says that loving somebody should be spiritual and not transactional. When we say – “I love you”, it actually means I love you irrespective of what you do, but what we actually end up doing is that “I love you and you should also love me”. The book tells you to let the other person be himself and do what he/she wants to do. It tells you to take this experiment and not try to change the other person but bring that change in yourself. Do not love other person expecting that he should do what you like him to do. Yeah, it is very easy in theory and equally difficult in practice, because we are so used to it.

Even before reading this book, I used to think why we start imposing “Dos” and “Don’ts” to other people? Letting other people be themselves is the greatest form of love. Do you understand what you are giving him by doing that? You are giving him the freedom to enjoy life as he wants to. And why not? Love should be liberating!

The book says it is difficult to do that in the beginning but once you get used to it, it gives an unmatched joy to you as well. The fact that you are a source of unconditional love to somebody is in itself very blissful and beautiful.

It is not our fault. The problem is we have always been conditioned to consider everything as transactional, and we have never known any other way. Look at us, even when we pray we silently tell God, please give me a job and I’ll give you 100 coconuts! And we assume this is the right way! It is just one way; there could be other ways as well. Needless to say, we are transactional in all our relationships.

The book also says that it is not necessary that both people needs to do certain things to make a relationship work. This experiment requires only one person to start loving the other person spiritually. If both people are doing that, it is an ideal situation but even one person can bring a lot of change in a relationship.

I would love to try that and I think it would be the greatest gift to anybody that one can give, that you love him unconditionally.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I read these beautiful lines somewhere. In my opinion, nothing describes the essence of Marriage more beautifully.

She is Language, He is Thought.
He is Reason, She is Sense.
She is Will, He is Wish.
He is Song, She is Note.
She is Motion, He is Wind.
He is Battle, She is Might.
She is Beauty, He is Strength.
He is Lamp, She is Light.
She is Body, He is Soul.
He is Day, She is Night.

(translated from Vishnu Purana)

At the Crossroads

I never really knew that so many people enjoy my Blog. That gives me a high. Really! If I have ever wanted to do something, I have wanted to write well, and to be appreciated for that is the icing on the cake.

Well, now that the cat is already out, one of the most special moments of my life is about to come – I’m getting married! It has still not gotten inside. I haven’t really thought about it, in the hustle and bustle of preparations.

I just wonder what life will be after marriage! No matter how much I try to think that nothing would change really but it is slowly seeping in that there would be a sea of change. Imagine not being able to run to your mum for everything you need to know, right from a recipe to worldly sophistication. Imagine not being able to call up your dad to ask favours, right from organizing your financial commitments to his advice on everything. Imagine not being able to run to your brother for every small or big problem, right from a railway reservation not confirmed to investments not done. Imagine being separated from your entire life and whatever you have nurtured till now. Imagine not being able to have any claim on what you have treasured for your entire life.

I never thought this is going to be so difficult. I am out of home since last 8 years. I never thought it would hurt so much to leave this time. I have never cried while leaving home, but this time it is going to be really bad. I hate the ambiguity of this situation. It is a momentous occasion that I’m marrying the person I want to marry but it is going to be immensely painful to leave the people I was born to.

Although I avoid thinking too much, try to be busy in the work that has to be done; but in those odd moments when it crosses my mind—even for a wink of a moment—I feel that heaviness in my heart. I think about mum, the hundreds of arguments, childish temperaments, odd comments; I regret them all. For I am what I am because of her. I have always done what I wanted to do, I have been extremely stubborn. But if I am educated, if I am qualified enough to be able to stand tall, feel proud about myself; it is only because of her. In fact, so many times I feel I behave like my mum. All my life I have never really listened to her, but being her daughter, I have imbibed so many of her habits and mannerisms. And today, I have no words to thank her for bringing me up the way she has. I am indebted for life.

Although I think I’m closer to mum, all girls are, but dad has always pampered me to the hilt. Right from the time when as a 5-year old and I declined to leave a toy store, since a telephone had caught my fancy. I realize how embarrassing it must have been for him, but he bought me that. It was an expensive toy at that time, still he gave me the joy of owning it. I still smile when I think about his advice on all my journeys alone. He would never fail to say all those words again and again, never forgetting a thing – “Do not get out of train. Do not take your hands out of the window. Do not leave your seat. Do not eat anything which your co-passengers will offer, no matter how friendly they seem. Go safely and eat well. Do you need money?”

What makes my dad special? The fact that he thinks the world is a good place and everyone is a good human being. Do good and you will get only good. And the fact that he has been a great dad. Right now, I can recall another embarrassing situation from my childhood. We had been to a sports store to buy shoes for my brother and much to my parents’ dismay; I had just acquired a fancy towards skating. And I decided that I am not leaving the store without getting a pair of skates. I feel foolish today and sad, how much I was pampered. A child is a child. It would fancy a thing this day and tomorrow it would be gone. Despite knowing this, my dad gave me everything I fancied. Even on this day, my parents have given in to my wish. I have absolutely no word to say Thank you, I would never have, there can never be a word to thank your parents. Isn’t it?

My Brother! My Bhaiya! I don’t know if God can ever make anybody as good again. He is a big brother in every sense. We have several funny and memorable instances from childhood, which I would treasure for the rest of my life. He was a brat in school. I was the coy one. After school, he would run away to play cricket or football, and give me his school bag to carry home (poor me!). I remember hundreds of those afternoons, when I was forced to bowl to him (he was a budding Sachin at that time) and tasting the horror of his culinary skills when mum used to be out. I remember hundreds of stories that he would tell me to fool me. But they all seem unimportant, insignificant and immaterial in front of the unquestioned and unconditional love and dependability he has given me in all these years. I cannot think of one word which will define what he means to me. A mentor, a friend, an idol, a parent, a confidante, a supporter, a guide—he has been all these to me and much, much more. I am an embodiment of his confidence. He has always been an inspiration and constant source of motivation for me. I just have to listen to him for a while to get back and get going. His energy is infectious. He is a person who can claim a room; he makes an impression wherever he goes. In fact, it seems so strange but I have picked up so many of his habits, may be because I always looked up to him while growing up. He used to have this habit of carrying several books with him whether he reads them or not. Same with me. My logic is what if I wanted to read this book and not that. So I eventually end up carrying 6-7 books on a week’s trip. He has this habit of buying a lot of books. He has subscribed to several magazines, which he keeps piling and saving to read one day! Well, you have got to come to my place to see that your self. I have only books and magazines in every corner of my house and I am never ready to part with any of them. The thing is I feel I should know about SEZ, Economic policies, what happened to P-Notes, latest trends in Fashion, Make up, politics, India’s relations with Pakistan, Russia, China and blah, blah, blah. Well, some day I would read them all. So they are all piling up. My so-called bed-side table for skimming at night; has already become a mountain of magazines. I have subscribed to, god only knows, how many magazines. In fact, now when I go to bookshop, I feel I have more books than they have! Phew! But I appreciate the fact that I have imbibed the habit of reading from my Brother, and writing has come naturally to me through my mum.

For him it is difficult to believe that his little sister has grown up and for me it is going to be very, very tough to leave the family, which has been a constant source of unconditional love. Can you believe it; I almost cried writing all these. I know it is going to be very, very difficult! I don’t know how every one does it?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I don't know how she does it by Allison Pearson

I just finished reading I don’t know how she does it by Allison Pearson. When I bought it on a heavy discount (although I still cannot believe that it was originally for 1000 bucks), I did not expect it to be a great read. I got it from Landmark. I wasn’t even looking for it. But when I started reading this amazing book, there was no looking back. I would wait for opportunities to read it. It’s a fat book, so I took 4 days to finish it, but it was truly a remarkable journey!

Reading “I don’t know how she does it” was like going through a myriad of emotions. It would make you burst into laughter at some point, it tugs at your heart and leaves you feeling warm, on several other occasions. It is a story so common to all women, no matter if she is in India or Germany or Britain or South Africa. She has to be a working woman, not even a mother, to empathise.

Well, the book is about a working mother. She is not just another working woman, rather she has a very important position in her company and she is also a high flier. She has international clients to cater to and takes care of other people’s finances. She works for the love of it. We all know how a job gives you a high anytime. A homemaker might suffer from self doubt at some point of time, about her abilities but a working woman always knows that she isn’t getting paid for nothing!

It’s the usual story of this working mother running against time to match steps with the role of a mother and expectations from all the responsibilities she handles at her workplace. To add to her woes, she is a constant target of all those stay-at-home mums for not being a good mother! Well, obviously, if you look at it, it is but natural to be jealous of a working mother because she is seemingly enjoying best of the both worlds. But, even without being a mum, I can feel her pain. There are so many like her around us.

When I finished this book, and even when I was reading it, I wondered what I would do when I became a mother. I really cannot say anything for sure. You never know! But ideally, I would like to stay at home for my baby. I would like to see the joy of listening to her first words, seeing her walk for the first time, be there when she is hurt or when she needs me. Why do we want to be mothers? Just to have children? Because that’s what everyone does? Or because motherhood really is a joyous experience. Being scarily responsible for somebody so tiny and trusting! If life is not about being there for her on those occasions, then I don’t know what really life is!

I know it is difficult when you are used to the idea of Double Income, when you are used to splurging at the whims and fancies, when you are accustomed to your monthly salary; it is really difficult to let it all go. We all think we would manage. We would maintain a fine balance between home and family. We all know that is a myth. Don’t we all associate home with mother? Aren’t we too used to it!

While I was reading the Shopaholic series, I thought this is how I wanted to write. But after reading I don’t know how she does it, I feel, well, I guess this one is so much more better. So much more humorous, so much more lively, so much more real!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Go Book shopping in Pune!

For a Book lover, who is obsessed with books (yeah, they are different things), it is important to know the best Book shops in town and when they hold their Sale. So one can plan the purchase. Therefore, for the benefit of all book lovers in Pune, today I would share information on where to shop for books in Pune. Trust me I have been to almost all of them and I always keep looking for Sale and good bargains.

Check out my list. I am sure it will benefit you.

Crosswords: They have their Annual Book Sale somewhere in August – September every year.

- ICC Trade Towers, Senapati Bapat Road (one of the biggest and best in Pune; they also have a BRIO outlet inside the Store, so that you can have good coffee while you read)

- Sohrab Hall, Junction of RBM-Cannaught Road, Behind Pune Railway Station (last time I went there, there was a CCD outlet inside the store. Because you never know what could happen over coffee!)

- Renaissance, J.M.Road, Near McDonalds (you can also check out bargains outside this Crossword)

- E-Square, University Road (It is inside the multiplex, so that you can browse through some good books while you wait for your show)

- City Pride, Kothrud ( almost all the major multiplexes in Pune have Crossword inside, so as to give you value for your time)

- Supreme Centre, Near Ozone, Aundh (It is that tunnel kind of store—unidirectional, but houses a lot of books. So when you are shopping for groceries next door in Ozone, pick some books and magazines for weekends)

- Premiere Plaza, Next to McDonalds, Chinchwad (I think this is the only Crossword store in Pune, where I have not been. It has opened recently for the book lovers in Pimpri-Chinchwad)

- Gold Adlabs, Kalyaninagar (another one in one of the biggest Multiplexes in Pune. Good Movies. Good Books. Good Shopping at Lifestyle next door! What else can you ask for?

Landmark: Address: (Next to Dorabjee's), Opposite Magnum Mall, Moledina Road, Camp.
I personally think Landmark is amazing. It is exhaustive and thorough. You have books for every topic. For example, in Crossword you have general section of Fiction or Indian Fiction. Landmark has sections called Humour also. It is much easier to locate a book. Usually, Landmark runs a Book Sale in the month of September – October. Actually, they are running one right now, which is on till 2nd October ‘07. They keep their Sale low key, for whatever reasons. Also, for those who think it is Expensive to buy books from shops, there’s a book stall right outside the Landmark, where you get loads of books in bargain prices.

The Word Book shop: Address: Boottee Street, Camp Pune, Tel.: 2631214 / 2633118.
I have heard that this book shop had catered to the Pune Book lovers, much before the Crosswords and Landmark came into picture. It always stocked the best books of the season. It has a loyal set of customers. The owners give their personal attention to the shop and are willing to source the books, if it is not available already. It carries 10% discount throughout the year.

Book World: Address: Basement, Sagar Arcade, Fergusson College Road.
It is a small Book Corner, not really a shop experience here. Books are stacked from floor to roof. But they have huge collection. You can go there only if you know it is there. But it is worth visiting, as I have always found any book on any topic here. It is almost inconspicuous in its presence. You might also get some second hand books in this place, if you want to save some money. There is also a book corner, right outside its entrance, where you can get some bargain buys. Supposedly, Book World also holds an Annual Sale, promising 10-15% Discounts; but I don’t know when they do that. Need to keep a close watch there!

Hong Kong Lane: Address: Near Garware Bridge, Opp. Chitale Bandhu, Deccan Gymkhana.
If you want to buy or sell second hand books, then you have to check out Hong Kong lane. It has a small corner, where several popular books are piled up. Those who do not know what to do with the books you have already read but do not really want to keep; then look no further. Come to Hong Kong lane, sell your old books and get yourself new ones.

Danai Bookshop: Address: Taj Blue Diamond, Bund Garden Road. Tel.: 2625555.
It is a small Book shop in one of the city’s 5-star hotels. Mostly, it attracts the Blue Diamond crowd and people from Koregaon Park or Osho Ashram—mostly the foreigners. It is done up in classic White, which gives it an aura of its own. It is a small place for just picking up something off the shelf. Don’t expect to find any particular book here. But yes, they do have lots of international magazines, quite aptly; considering that they get a lot of crowd for those.

Popular Bookshop: Address: Deccan Gymkhana, Tel.: 25678327.
It is a small bookshop on the intersection signal, which joins JM Road, FC Road and Bhandarkar Road. If you have seen Chitale Bandhu of Deccan, just keep walking towards FC Road, on your left handside is Popular Bookshop. It also stocks popular Hindi and Marathi books. This air-conditioned bookshop enjoys a loyal clientele over the years and even 3rd and 4th generation customers visit the shop often. The Shop supposedly runs a Sale during Diwali every year, and they also have Bargain Counters where books are sold at half the price. So check out this cozy, little Book Shop in Diwali. I know I am going to.

International Book Service: Address: S No 759/5, Deccan Gymkhana.Tel: 25677405.
It is one of the favorites with Puneites, who love its old world charm. It stocks books on all topics but you would not find the luxury of lounging here. It recently completed 70 years and enjoys the attention of a set of loyal customers. Only problem is that it is closed in afternoons and on Sundays. Well, I am yet to check out this book shop but I think it is going to be worth visiting. So, here I come!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Books I want to Read

I am grateful that finally I am catching up on my reading. I recently finished “For Matrimonial Purposes” by Kavita Daswani. It was the story of a girl who wants to get married. She is a typical girl, in many a sense, but she is not your common type, in many ways as well. She wants to get married to a decent Indian guy chosen by her parents, alright; but she wants to really like him (although may not really love him). It is important for her to get married to the right guy—right for her. In this pursuit, she looks at every Indian, marriageable guy, as her prospective groom and when it does not turn out to be the way she thought, she is left heart broken. Yes, with every guy! Well, if you look around isn’t this the case with modern, educated Indian guy or girl. It is not always that you fell in love with somebody and proceed towards marriage. Many times we do not come across any such person in our entire 25 to 30 years of lives! Quite possible!

The story is not hilarious; it is real. It is a story which you see everywhere. So, I kind of liked it. Thank God, the girl found a guy in the end and they lived happily ever after, whatever!

Right now, I am reading “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” by Mohsin Hamid. This book is very different in its narration. The narrator is talking to an American tourist and doing that, he is taking the reader through his experiences. The story is set against the 9/11 attacks and how it changed the lives of Muslims around the world, more so of those in America. I have read more than half of the novel, and I really want to read the author’s first book also called “Moth Smoke”. It is supposedly an acclaimed book and has won several Awards. I get a little scared to read an Award winning book. Most of the times, I do not understand it. Take the example of “Life of Pi”. I tried really hard but I could not finish it.

Well, anyways, I have tried to put together a list of books which I would like to read in near future:

Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid
Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (His “Kite Runner” was fabulous)
Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn (Haven’t read a good Thriller since ages)
Straight from the Gut by Jack Welch
Mahatma vs. Gandhi by Dinkar Joshi (which is supposed to be the basis for the movie “Gandhi, My father)
Chocolat by Joanne Harris
The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris
A Crowded Marriage by Catherine Alliott
Bride at Ten, Mother at Fifteen by Sethu Ramaswamy
Can you Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why we love India

I am not a religious person but I do connect with God. So I tend to believe that I am a spiritual person. During these festivities of Ganesh Utsav, I really did not participate in any of the celebrations. But this Monday, when I saw the Visarjan ceremony, I had a weird feeling, a sense of loss. I did not celebrate, but I would miss all the celebrations which were happening all around.

I often wonder why we love India! I mean look at the roads, look at the education system, look at the competition for few seats, look at the politicizing of each and every issue, look at the frame to frame copy of foreign movies, look at the social and economic gap, look at the disturbance on Border areas (and not only Kashmir), look at disturbing instances of violence in the name of caste and religion, look at career opportunities (or the lack of it), look at increasing crime, look at eve-teasing; Why do we love India? Then I thought, may be this is it. May be because we have so many gods, castes , religion and festivals. May be because we know how to celebrate together. May be we know how really one should celebrate. It just gets on you. Even if you ignore it, can you really stay away from it? If you are a Bengali in Maharashtra or a Keralite in Kolkata—you would still celebrate Durga Puja!

Add to that the recent victory of India in Twenty20 World Cup. I still believe that nothing bonds us better than Cricket! We still have different festivals but Cricket is undoubtedly the common thread that joins us all together. Look at me, I am not really a Cricket person but this game is so infectitious that you cannot ignore it for long, and definitely not an India-Pakistan match for sure. So, there I was watching the Grand Finale of Twenty20 World Cup. Well, I am sure all of you must have heard the bang of the chocolate bombs after we won the match, no matter which part of the country you were in!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

On a special journey called Life

I just realized how under-traveled I am! I have not even seen India completely, forget about abroad. My first real tour was when I was in class sixth; we went to Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan, Lucknow, Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh and Delhi. I was quite young then but I remember everything clearly. Undoubtedly, I loved Shimla, the best. I just love mountains. I remember there were so many monkeys when we were going up to see this temple called Jhakhu Mandir in Shimla. It is supposed to be the highest peek there, and the view was lovely from the top. I remember the Rock Garden of Chandigarh, I remember that wonderful park at Pinjaur, I remember the person sitting outside the Qutub Minar with a huge snake, I remember the bada and chhota Imambada of Lucknow, I remember the Mall road of Shimla, I remember Columbus of Appu Ghar; yet I feel every city has so much to see that covering so many cities in 15 days is the same as not seeing them at all. I had been on this tour with my parents, my grand-parents and my brother. Our second tour was down South. We saw Chennai, Mysore, Bangalore, Tirupati, Ooty and Coonnoor. I just loved Ooty and Coonnoor too much. They were heavenly. It is something to do with Hill stations. It was lovely. I went with my parents to all these wonderful places. I remember the Tea and Coffee gardens of Ooty, the zero-visibility foggy roads of Coonnoor, the unpolluted Tirupati, the amazing Mysore palace and a bit of Bangalore. I discovered Bangalore more when I stayed there for sometime. Well, to think of it, I have not been that unlucky after all. I have had the privilege of staying in three Metros – Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Can you beat this? Well, to go slightly off-track, city exposure did wonders for my self-confidence. I used to be over-awed by city life. I always had this feeling how would I adjust? In fact, it all started with moving out of home for my Graduation. I had the first brush with freedom and independent life. It was my first journey out of home alone. Those three years prepared me for life ahead. Of course, there was much more to come. Post graduation, I moved to Chennai to stay with my brother. Those 6 months were amazing. Nobody really likes Chennai. I mean people from other parts of India. They would prefer other places to Chennai, any given day. I liked Chennai. It was kind of conservative yet a metro. It is much cheaper than any other Metro and if you love South Indian food, you don’t need to look beyond! My next destination was Bangalore. I did not really see the entire Bangalore but the fact that I used to move around alone, taught me several things. Bangalore, for me, is all about Udupi restaurants, cyber cafes and several hopes and dreams. I was preparing for CAT at that time. I really learnt using internet in this place. In fact, I stayed all alone in Bangalore for 15 days. It was scary initially. What if I needed something in the middle of the night? I knew nobody there, absolutely nobody! It was from Bangalore that I did my first long distance train journey alone. I learnt all the now-seeming simple things like doing reservations in train or making a demand draft. Yeah! Joining IMDR in Pune really made me a metropolitan at heart. I used to be overwhelmed by even Pune earlier. But now it seems like a second home. It’s nice and relaxed. I think life is nowhere even close to what it is here. Chilled Out! Its here that I had the real campus life experience—my first late nights, first instance of being on my own, my first Scooty, this Blog, my first visit to a real disc, my first Film Festival and many more firsts. I loved every bit of it. When college days came to an end and I landed in dream job in Mumbai, I could not have asked for more. But, well, I never really liked Mumbai. I don’t know why. Today I regret only one thing. I did not SEE Mumbai properly. It is an amazing city, whatever I might say. There is always one thing or the other happening (and I am not talking about Bomb blasts and Flood). I did not see Prithvi Theatres, I could not check out the Strand Book Sale, I missed out on “Class of 84”, I could not go to King’s Circle for Books, I did not see Colaba flea market and so many things. But I chose to move out, so I am not really complaining. But yeah, it all boils down to What next? The latest trip was to, well, Life’s finest Abode! Yes, the Aamby valley. It was a heavenly experience. The peace, the tranquility, the unabused atmosphere, everything about Aamby valley is such that you would want to get in a cozy cottage and spend some days of sanctity, away from the hustle and bustle of crowd. Well, I was sure lucky to be there. Everything said and done, I still think I am highly under-traveled. I want to travel more, see all the beautiful and amazing places—in India and then abroad. That’s what life is all about. Isn’t it? After all, life is a journey in itself.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'll be there for you!!!

Well, as Joey says –How you doin’? I don’t know whether how many of you have been fan of this show but if you have seen it, the chances are you have fallen for it. My own friends would vouch for the fact that I have become obsessed with FRIENDS!

I discovered F*R*I*E*N*D*S quite recently. By the time I saw the first episode of FRIENDS, the curtain had already drawn on the Grand Finale of the Tenth Season; and the lovable cast had moved on with their lives.

By now, I have seen almost all the Seasons, laughed at Chandler’s one-liners, smiled at Ross’ sweetness, empathized with Monica’s idiosyncrasies, stumped by Phoebe’s matter-of-factness and bowled over by the sheer charm of Rachel and Joey. Basically, they are all cute and independently very good. In fact, I loved them so much that I tried looking for bits and pieces beyond the episodes—how this sitcom was put together, how the cast stuck to each other through anonymity to fame, how they created a history of sorts by striking deals as a group; moving from 30,000 $ per episode to 2.5 million $ per episode for each of them. Everything about FRIENDS is now a case study in itself. It is said that after the phenomenal and unexpected success of FRIENDS, many such sitcoms sprung up; but what works for one may not work for others. Look at our own “Ram Gopal Verma ki Sholay / Aag”.

I just bought this Coffee table book on Friends titled “Friends 'Til the End: The Official Celebration of All Ten Years” by David Wild. Yeah, I bought a coffee table book! So what? Haven’t I already established that I am obsessed with all kinds of books! And come on, it was only for 399 bucks. I think it was a great deal. After all, FRIENDS TV show is one among the Hall of Fame now, and one should know about the making of such all time great comedy. It has so many pictures of the moments from all the Seasons and some behind the camera moments that I could not stop myself from having it. I still cannot stop wondering what really does it take to create a genius like that. Of course, the fact that it was taken off air when it was still popular, is part of the reason why we still drool over it. Just look at our band of K-serials and how they keep on having generation leaps and disturbing twists and turns to the original story. Can you imagine, what this lovely Sitcom would have become, had they given in to the popularity of the show? There is definitely a learning from here. Even when something is working, you should know when to stop. Nothing is sacrosanct. If you do not bow out, you would be kicked out. It takes a lot of wisdom to identify the right moment and a lot of heart to take that decision.

I remember, even when I had not heard about Friends, I had known Jennifer Aniston as a Hollywood actress and had vaguely heard about Courtney Cox. But I had no clue about the rest of the cast. Look at me now, I eat and drink Friends now. If I am home, I would either be reading the Friends book or you would catch me watching one of the Seasons. In the FRIENDS book, they talk about when they realize that FRIENDS had become a phenomenon. Look at me, I come from a small place in Jharkhand; and I totally freak out on FRIENDS. Do I need to say any more what popularity this lovable sitcom has achieved?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Introspective wanderings

I am a writer at heart at least that is what I like to believe. I like to believe that before you become a good writer, you need to become a voracious reader.
How many times it has happened to you that you have read a book and marveled at the knowledge of the writer? How many times you have read a novel and it has touched you deep inside and left you wondering how it is possible to define an emotion so beautifully? And how many times you have been filled with awe by the sheer genius of an author in describing a moment? Well, since I am an aspiring writer, these days I also look at what is the style of a narration and how has the story been told. In fact, I also know what kind of books I want to write. I have found a writer of my own taste. I have devoured four of her books and only two other are yet to be read. I am just dying to lay my hands on them. The stories are engrossing and deliciously funny. There are at least hundred instances when you empathise with the character, frankly speaking, most of the girls would feel one with the character. Well, all of us are born Shopaholics, aren’t we! Well, if you have ever read any of the books in Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, you would know what I am talking about. I love her style and would like to write like her. Of course, I would like to be known for my own style but you know it always help to define your objective.

Today I was into my one of those introspective modes. I was thanking God for a decent Appraisal, and then suddenly I realized that there are actually so many things which I should be thankful about. Look around and you would find most of the people unhappy about one thing or the other. Some of them have been unfortunate in marriage. Some have been unlucky in their careers. Some are cribbing about the tons of responsibilities thrown on them at a young age. Some have lost the purpose of living. And of course, there are millions of people suffering in poverty and destitute. When you look at all these, you suddenly realize what a blessing your own life is! And here, you were cribbing about how much more your salary should have been, how much better life partner you could have chosen, how your friends are settled in U.S and how better others’ lives are! Frankly, there is no end to it. You would always find something to cry about. Nobody is supposed to be perfect; nobody is supposed to have a flawless life. I strongly believe all of us have our share of happiness and sorrows. You cannot just compare your house with the Bungalow your friend has, because you never know he must be struggling to make his two ends meet after paying loads of EMIs for that lovely bungalow. So why not be thankful about all the good things in life. Come on, all of us have something to be happy about. So keep smiling and feel blessed.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Way Forward

Sometimes I feel totally hopeless. Where do I go from here? What next? I have a nice job for sure but I do not see a career here. May be 2 years at the most, then what next? I never planned my career. Yeah, I had a vague idea that I want to be in a creative field. I did Advertising for a year then moved on to this job. Here I do communication for my product & Company. Of course, Wipro has an entirely separate Corporate Communication group, but if we need to do any communication at our level, I do it or coordinate for it. It is a great learning experience. Right now, I am so excited about the response on my Direct Mailer, which we did for our new catalog. We have already got 10% response and its increasing day by day. Then we have gone online with the same Concept and the opportunities on web are overwhelming. There is so much one can do and we are slowly modifying our website to meet our needs. I am also setting up an Outbound Call Centre for my company, which would be followed by an Inbound Toll Free Number. I have absolutely no experience in Telecalling initiative but even nobody else has in my company, so I am learning as I do it.
My funda about a job is simple. There should be enough Learning and Excitement that you want to come back to work everyday. When that does not happen, you need to find out the reasons why it is not working out. And if the case is completely hopeless, you need to let it go. Till the time I have opportunities to learn and do something exciting, I am all for it, otherwise it is time to move on!
I always dreamt of becoming a writer. I still do. But along with writing, I have noticed an inherent knack of Editing in myself. I cannot help edit or correct whatever I read. It just comes naturally to me. I do not have to try hard. May be editing would be “The” Career for me. Who knows!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Idiosyncrasies

I have obsession for books and bookstores. You can catch me buying books everywhere, in Crossword, in roadside stalls, on Platform pushcarts, even Online. In fact, it does not just end there, I feel editing comes naturally to me. I cannot help editing, punctuating and finding mistakes in anything I read. I am also an avid fan of all those glossy and expensive magazines where all the stuff is obnoxiously over-priced. But still I think glossy magazines perhaps originated because of people like me; you can catch me reading a Filmfare or a Femina all the time. I think getting up late on a Sunday is a waste of time. You should enjoy each and every moment of your holiday. Why waste it sleeping? My friends cannot figure out why I buy books at a rate greater than I read them. That one even I have not figured out yet. I hate it if my things are unorganized or dirty. You can find me dusting my place even at midnight, depends upon my mood. Colleagues say the term “retail therapy” was coined after me. I would drink tea without sugar but Garlic Bread without Cheese is just not for me. People call it Idiosyncrasies. But hey, I don’t have anything much if I do not have my little idiosyncrasies.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Treat yourself to some Bheja Fry

If you have not already seen Bheja Fry, then you must. I am sure only recommendation would not be enough so let me fight my case with 10 reasons why you must watch this obscure movie with a bunch of TV and theatre actors:

Watch it for its non-Govinda style, non-Johny Lever style, non-Great Laughter Challenge style comedy; in short, its refreshing comedy; something which none of us have seen on Indian diaspora for a long time.

Watch it for its simplicity, almost like a Play. The story hardly goes beyond one room but you never seem to notice this. We really do not feel great about seeing heavily paid actors dancing on the streets of London and beautiful locales of Switzerland and New Zealand like teeny-boppers.

Watch it for its unconventional and interesting storyline. The story just revolves around an evening but I have yet to come across a person who thought it was mundane.

Watch it to prove a point that a good movie need not have an ostentatious budget. Last heard, this movie has been made on a tight budget of 50-55 lakhs, it still stands much ahead of those over-budget and overrated movies by Johars and Chopras, who give least thought to the freshness of concept and make us fool by showing same stories with same star cast and even same locations but, mind you, with a different and more elaborate name.

Watch it for its casting, especially Vinay Pathak. He is really good, guys! I am sure all of us have noticed him in Khosla ka Ghosla as well. Even Milind Soman looks like having a blast, and of course, you cannot miss Ranvir Shorey.

Watch it for its well-defined characters, and the thought gone behind characterization of each and every person in the movie. You cannot miss the detailing in the characterization of the lead characters, unlike our so-called “big” movies where even shoes in one scene does not match in the consecutive scenes (and I am not even talking about songs!)

Watch it for the length of this movie. It is a story well said in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Quite short for Indian standards, so you could catch it even on a weekday.

Watch it because I am sure you would like to keep it for your home library.

Watch it with your family because it is a comedy but surprisingly it is not vulgar. They really make very few movies these days where you could have fun with your entire family without any embarrassment.

And finally, watch it for the effort in giving something different to the intelligent audience (read us)

Disclaimer: I am not even remotely related to the producer, director or the actors of this film. But I would hate it if this movie flops, as several good movies do. It really deserves to be a super hit.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Weekend that was!

I had a rocking weekend. What did I do? Just cleaned the house. I have felt this several times that cleaning for me is somewhat therapeutical. The satisfaction, which I get after cleaning, is amazing! It is similar to the feeling of creating something! I love re-organising things as well, I love the process of creation.
Earlier I used to make a lot of cards for birthdays or even in general. I also used to make a lot of Collage, but not any more. Collage does not excite me anymore. But I plan to make a different kind of collage now. I want to gift my mum & dad a collection of our old photographs with anecdotes; I hope I will be able to gift that on their anniversary, which is on 17th May.
Day before yesterday, I was looking at some old photographs of my childhood. There’s a picture of me with my mum. I felt so lonely at that moment. I felt what am I doing here! Why have I wasted so many years staying away from my parents! Suddenly I realized, they would not be there forever with me. Why am I not spending more time with them. Parents are very special people, no matter what you do or even what you do to them; they will always be there. Always! There is a sense of comfort and security in parents. Nobody else can give that much of comfort and security, no other relationship. Because all other relationships are the ones, which we cultivate; the relationship with our parents are natural! Whenever I see old pictures, I start crying, for the loss of those old days. I am very happy with my present but time is something, which you cannot stop, which is why it is so precious. That made me realize what am I doing with the time, which I have in my hands now! Why do we waste so much time in fighting and useless competition to earn more than our peer groups and hoard more and more assets! Do we ever logically think about what are we doing! And if it is at all required to do that.
Coming back to my weekend, well it was all about quality time at home. All of us got together and cooked a lot of things, and had a feast in the evening. We had Paani Puri, Cakes and Dhokla. Then we went for a stroll and talked leisurely, which is a rare occasion. I have also realized that in our daily lives, we are so much in hurry of doing several things that we do not talk much, as in not really have a conversation, where you need to think and open up.
Another good thing was we played badminton as well. If you are following something to achieve something, it is better that you do not lose continuity. And I have decided that I have to play at least 5 days a week. So getting up early (8 am on Sunday is definitely early) really made many things possible.

The best thing about being in Pune is that you do not dread Mondays so much, or may be depends upon what kind of work you do! Because I have seen my friends in Sales fearing about Mondays. I really have my sympathies with them; it is really unimaginable for me to roam around the length and breadth of the city throughout the day and come back to crunch numbers or do backend jobs. First of all, riding for 70-80 kms in a day is dreadful for me.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Write Corner

I have always believed that I write well. People around me also have felt that way. I know I enjoy Writing as an activity. Some day I would like to write a book, but I have no story to tell. There is nothing which I want to share, I just like writing. Perhaps I could be a good Editor, making people say things in a better way, polishing the stories, which others want to narrate! It is at least good that I am in Communication. I was in Advertising but I am not cut out for one-liners, I guess; I am more into stories! Here, I get opportunity to write, even if it is a letter, I think it requires expertise to draft a good letter. Being in Communication, I am polishing my skills. Someday I would like to do a course in creative writing. Perhaps it is too tough to let go a nice job and try fulfilling your dreams. It definitely makes sense when you know what you want to do. It would not be new for me to do that. I quit my previous job because I badly wanted to be in Pune. I was not living in Mumbai; I was counting days and months! I knew this opportunity was just right to move on. And I just quit without getting offer letter from my current company. I know it sounds whimsical and very daring, but in reality it was the only hope I had!
At this point of life, everything has become routine, there is nothing much which I want more! I love this stage but still I want something to live for, a passion in life! I have also started enjoying doing up interiors. This idea has born because we recently booked a place, I would like to build a dream home. I think I am fairly good in Aesthetics and Colour sense. I understand balance. So I know I can do it.
Coming back to writing. Of late, I am writing very little and reading even less. My problem is that I am an idealist. I want to do everything, which is not humanely possible or requires better Time Management. I am already fighting a losing battle with rising early in the morning. But I know I can do better.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little wishes

There was a time when I used to visit temples; I used to open a long list of what I want from God. But when I go now, I do not ask for much. In fact, nothing but just the general stuff like keep everyone healthy and happy. I am happy that I am at that point of life where I do not have unaccomplished dreams. I am not ambitious. Everyone wants a Merc to drive, a Villa to live in, an ideal family who do want you want them to do, but we don’t really want them. In other words, these things are great if we could have them, but otherwise also life is pretty good! What do I want from life?
I want a loving husband who cares for me and loves me immensely for who I am. He should understand that I am not perfect. In fact, far from perfect! But that is what defines a personality. I wan him to be there for him as well for anything in life and at any point in life. Isn’t that the essence of love? I want him to treat me as his equal. I understand the basic need of a man to feel slightly superior to women. I do not blame them. That is how he world has taught him to be! It cannot go overnight. I would let him enjoy that benefit once in a while. Well, that also proves how magnanimous women are!
I want to take care of my parents and in future, I would similarly want to take best care of my in-laws, because there is no greater strength than love of your parents, the sense of security, which you have in knowing that no matter what happens you can always turn to them any time any where. They are the reason what we are now. If we feel good about ourselves because our parents made us that way.
I want a great life and wife (that too!) for my brother. Words cannot define how good and great he is! In A subconscious way I have always idolized him. When we were kids, we used to fight a lot but since my bro had to stay out of home for higher studies, right after his Class 10th, we have grown more fond of each other. The reason being that we did not stay with each other for too long. But he is the best brother anyone could wish for—loving, witty & dependable.
I want beautiful and independent children, who get right values in life and make their own destiny. Although it is too early but sometimes I think how difficult it is to be a parent, to guide a life and make her understand what is right and what is wrong. You always want best for your child and what her to lead a secure life. I want my child to understand the intricacies of life and not be judgmental about people.
I want a beautiful home, a place where my family loves coming back to, a place where I feel relaxed and secure. It does not matter if it small but it should be spic & span and so beautiful that people should get awe-struck on seeing it.

Healthy & Happy

Ahh! Much to my dismay & disappointment, I have also joined the bandwagon to lose weight. Yeah, that is the only thing on my mind these days—How to Lose Weight! My target is my birthday. So I have about one and a half months to achieve my target.
To begin with I have started cutting down on oil, potatoes, rice and sugar intake. The logic is if you cut down on intake, your exercises will start working on your existing fat.
I start my day with a glass of luke warm water with lemon & honey. Breakfast is normally, Poha or Upma but I want to have Corn Flakes for atleast 2-3 days in a week and eggs for 2 days and for the rest, I guess, Poha or Upma are OK, because they are also recommended by dieticians even on weight loss programs. Lunch is still a matter of concern because earlier I used to get Dabba, but now it has stopped and I’m managing by eating out or going home for food or sometimes not eating at all. But is is not a good practise. I have heard that one should “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper”. But how many of us really follow that. I am also bidding goodbye to Pizza, Chocolates and Junk Food. I am incorporating more of Curd, Green vegetables and fruits. I know it works.
Another good thing which I already do is play badminton for atleast an hour in the evening. It is really a good exercise. So to just put it in a nutshell, I should continue following things to achieve my target:
·Avoid Sugar, Oily & Junk Food
·Play Badminton for 1 hour at least 5 days a week
·Take stairs instead of Lift
·Drink lots of water
·Say No to food when I am not hungry

And I definitely need to do following things to get slim-trim and healthy by my birthday:
·Get up early in the morning
·Do half an hour of Yoga at least 5 days a week in the morning
·Do at least 30-45 minutes of Gym early morning
·Eat a healthy Breakfast
·Get Lunch from home
·Eat by 9 pm at night
·Sleep by 11.30 pm
·Drink at least 4 liters of water daily
·Be Happy

There cannot be anything more one can do without killing oneself and one’s lifestyle. I am not obsessed about losing weight because I am not fat, I am just 50 kg. It is just that I want to get a little lighter, probably not lose that much weight but get toned and energetic. And most importantly have a balanced and proportionate body. When you are healthy, you are happy! Isn’t it?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life vs Life

Opportunities and better opportunities—is there any end to it? You just go on & on. You need to decide. You are either this side or the other side, you cannot always take the middle path. And almost always we want to take the path in-between almost in everything.
Mumbai is the city of opportunities. You will ask for one, you will get hundred. But what happens to life? My personal experience is it is very tiring and exhausting. Life in Mumbai drains you and you need tremendous amount of energy to sustain there. Picture this; you get up in the morning according to what time you have to catch the train. You keep at least 45 minutes for commuting, even more in most cases. But 45 minutes is minimum, if we keep the case of lucky few aside.
You reach office anytime between 9.30 and 10 am. By that time, you probably missed your regular local or caught it just-in-time, in which case you did not get a seat and kept standing and struggling to get some fresh air, throughout your journey. Even if you managed to sit, you probably squeezed in between a fat aunty who would not budge even an inch and another who is already struggling to keep herself on the seat. If you get down at Lower Parel, then God only can save you. Perhaps 80% of the entire Borivali to Churchgate crowd gets down there; so you really got to struggle to get down at the right time. And if you do not have to get down and still you are anywhere near the entrance, even God cannot save you. Abuses are hurled at you and people stamp your feet and you are pushed from all sides. When you finally get down at your station you wonder if the day has actually begun or ended! But you are not so lucky because the day has just begun, and anyways you are in Mumbai, my dear!
Then you get out of the station, and you are into yet another struggle to manoeuvre your way into a cab. And finally, you land up into your office. While entering your office, the first thought that crosses your mind is—is it only a Tuesday! 4 more days for the weekend! Oh God, please give me strength to go through this entire week successfully. Then its time to check your mails and make job list for the day. Obviously, you do not need to make new ones everyday, just change the date of the job list, which you made earlier because anyways jobs don’t get over just like that. It takes its own pace to see the end of it. Let’s not get into the details of the “exciting” work we do. Somehow, we just manage to get through the day after many cups of tea and coffee, many rounds of gossip and bitching and obviously looking at the watch twice per second (if that is possible). While going back at 9 pm we think about all the wonderful things our friends are doing, the fat packages they are drawing for doing “exciting” jobs and also about our own pathos and whether we are going to feel the same each day for the rest of our work life. Whatever happened to job satisfaction and “my work is my hobby” kind of life?
When you get back there is no energy left for doing anything else. You just look at the piles of “nice” books you got to read, that some day you would read them! So that’s life in Mumbai where you get time to talk to your loved ones from your office phone or while struggling in locals.
Take Two. You get up in the morning. You feel the fresh air of the morning. You do not have to rush to board a local so you take your time. You exercise, go for a walk, even cook your breakfast. Then you leisurely get ready, and still reach office by 9 am. Okay, 9.15 0r 9.20 am. You check your mails, reply a couple of them and take necessary actions for the urgent ones. You go for tea at 10 am and the day sails along smoothly. Before you realize, it is 6 pm. Normally you get back to home by 7 pm, then you go to Gym or play Badminton or just go out for a movie. You do not have to wait for the next weekend to enjoy yourself! You do all that and then you enjoy your book too. You catch up with friends and sometimes gossip till wee hours of the morning. Welcome to life in Pune.
Yes, you give up “better” job opportunities but you get a better life in bargain, where you can just pause for a moment to enjoy yourself, without missing your local!
Your life is an outcome of the choices you make in life—today I truly understand the meaning of this line.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mundane & not so Mundane

Sooner or later life tends to become routine. You can’t help it. Nobody can. When something changes, either it gets exciting or rocks your world but after that phase passes; life makes a routine out of the new things developed out of changes. Yet again.
When I see a Mumbai-Pune bus, old memories come alive, how I used to commute between Mumbai & Pune! Life was literally on the fast lane. But then Mumbai does that to you. You just have to find time for everything in the time available. So you end up running against time. I know I sound like someone who really hates Mumbai. I really do! Some of my friends remember me when they think about who is the person who hates Mumbai the most!
Even going to Mumbai for a day’s trip makes old memories come alive, and I just thank God that I am not in Mumbai anymore. When somebody says that I love Mumbai! I really wonder, did I miss something which this person has experienced and enjoyed.
Recently, one of my friends called up to inform about some job opportunity there. Ha! Are you mad? I am not going to swap my life here for anything, or more correctly, I would not want a life in Mumbai for anything. Frankly, I am a little laid back person. I love working and, mind you, I am very honest towards my work; but I do not want those so-called career opportunities by putting my entire life in stake.
Just think, why do we keep running? Why there is no end to our wants? Why we are never satisfied with what we get? Eventually, what matters is—are you having a good time right now? Not later, not after one year, not after retirement, Right Now!!! If not, then what is the point I am proving to myself with the loads of money I earn? That my worth is more than my peers? This anyways is highly subjective and nobody other than yourself can ever gauge your true worth! So do we try to ascertain that I am capable of earning so much that I can buy the best gadgets in the market and blow money at whims & fancies? Well, in that case, any amount of money can never be enough to cater to whims & fancies.