Thursday, December 30, 2004

Oh Brother!

I dedicate this one to my Big brother who has influenced my decisions and has been a constant source of support, especially during the times when it mattered. And I hope he remains that reference point forever!Today he came back to India and touched Bangalore in the afternoon, from San Fransisco.He had been away close to one and a half year.
Facts apart, I want my brother to find this blog entry someday and know what he means to me! Of course, words would only create something close to what I mean, but nevertheless!!!
He is four and a half years elder to me, so all through growing up years, he bullied me, taking small favours in return for promises to reciprocate with something better. So all along he showed traits of being a good politician.Who knows, may be one day....!!! Even now he pulls my leg referring to my naivete as a kid!
After completing his Xth, he left for Bhilai, and completed his XIIth there from Delhi Public School (of course, DPS has some other connotations now!!!). After that, he did his Production Engineering from BIT Sindri, then joined IIIT, Bangalore; and before he left for San Fransisco, he had worked with Caritor (then IT Solutions, Chennai & Bangalore) for close to 3 years. Thus, since the time, I was in Class 6, my brother visited us (I and my parents)only during vacations! It is altogether a different story that nobody could argue or stop him if he declared holidays every month during his Engineering days!
When people leave home early, they develop either of the two orientations---either they completely lose touch with the family or they forever dwell in a sense of longing for the family. My brother falls in the second category!
When I was completing my graduation, and had got over with my desire to be a designer, I was practically clueless about what I wanted to do next. At that time, he motivated me towards MBA, and he has always been successful in influencing my thoughts. I was not really a confident type but he has always trusted my abilities more than myself, and honestly, that has kept me going. After I achieve a certain milestone, no matter how small, he makes me feel proud of myself. He always says I am the Best, and not to be complacent or aim low because I am capable of something higher!
He is not the one who would follow rules (much to my mum's dismay), but that's how he is! He would always carry loads of books but would never study them (something which I also have picked from him). But I think he was capable of IITs and IIMs because he never really tried that hard and that seriously!He has always done, what I call, over-night preparation!
And like any other Big brother, he is extremely protective about me, to the extent that he says, had it been possible, he would have started a company for me, so that I could not be over-worked!
That's my brother!!!
Dearest Bhaiya, Welcome Back to SWADES!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

My Favourite Poem: 'If' by Rudyard Kipling

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on";

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run -
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man my son!

Friday, December 24, 2004

What next?

When I joined IMDR, I had fixed a goal for myself, to get into Advertising. Roughly after 17 months, I have achieved that goal. The question that I face now is what next? I like to live with a goal. When we are in school, exams are our obvious goals. Same is true with college also. After college, getting into a decent professional college became my goal. At this point of time, I want a concrete goal to work on, otherwise life becomes a little directionless. There are a few things on my mind.
The first thing I want to do is be prepared for the field I am going to join in a couple of months, to be update and know the ins and outs of it! Another thing I want to do is do some research study. I realised that we do not really think about any issue as such. We read newspapers, magazines, even make passing comments or references about certain issues affecting our present environment, but we do not really THINK about it! How it affects us, if it does? For example, the feud between two Ambani brothers, the trail it is taking, the loss of market capitalisation of Reliance industries' shares; and on the other hand Sensex touching new highs--how do we relate and interprete these? There are so many things to think about. Are there not?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Movie maniac

I don't watch every Friday release but I like to call myself a movie maniac!!!I am selective about what I watch!I do not have a favourite actor or actress per se, but I have several favourite movies.
Lemme first add something more about SWADES, which I have already written about!It has the usual little moments that make you smile, it has some beautiful songs, it has a pretty heroine, and as Shahrukh would say "Main Hoon Na"! The visuals of Shahrukh in a train, bus and boat create a good impact. Besides, if you are looking for sarson ke khet and naachna-gaana in the name of village, then you would be dissappointed. OK erecting a hydroelectris power station in barely 2 weeks is difficult to digest but then apna Bollywood has always been a little larger than life on facts. The bottonline is not to pick up such faults but to understand the overall message. Gayatri is good but sometimes she is unimpressive, which is acceptable from an actress who looks that good!!!Anyways, we have so many non-actors and actresses, who don't even look good!!!
Talking about my favourite films, I guess I would have to write an entire mail on that with links.So just wait for 1-2 days.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I saw SWADES today, well, just for the heck of it! I mean, I had not been to any movie since a long time, so SWADES seemed a wise enough choice to get back to apna Bollywood.
So, how was it?You might want to know, right? Well I would say, SWADES was LAGAAN Part II. I would not say it was good. I would not say it was bad, because that is totally an individual's choice. It is a movie which puts across a message.
One thing I have begun to appreciate in Ashutosh Gowariker is that he tries to make a movie the way this medium was intended to be. I mean, to put across a message. Look at his debute movie. Some management colleges are using that movie to study team work. This one could work for Brain Drain!!!That is the issue this movie addresses. It is forthright in saying that We, the Indians, like to blame any Tom, Dick and Harry; or may be UPA or NDA for our predicament. For every problem, we like to put the blame on the system. And the biggest problem is that we are pessimists! We want quick results. We want to get things right overnight, not willing to accept that as an individual also one could make some difference. This reminded me of the book I read on IITians by Sandipan Deb. It also mentions about the same problem that the IITians fail to realise the importance of work at the grassroots level. But of course, there have been several IITians, (as quoted in this book) who have made a difference at the lowest level.
I liked the message that this movie encapsulates. Well done, Mr. Gowariker!!! But although Shahrukh Khan is a good actor, he cries much too often!That really kills the effect. Control Yaar! Secondly, the movie also needed a certain pull, which was missing. Although Shahrukh Khan tried to put in the energy but something else was required to make it a well-told story!
For the good motive behind the movie's sake, go and watch it! Anyways we watch a lot of junk, then why not SWADES!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Dilemma

Since this is placements season, so I cannot write about anything except Placements!So the dilemma I am talking about is that although companies, in fact good companies like TCS, HCL, FCB Ulka, Bajaj, Kotak, HDFC etc, are coming to campus but there are several cases where interests lie elsewhere. For example, some of my friends want to get into Retail or FMCG but as you can guess the companies are generally software or automobiles or financial services, so these guys are in a dilemma what to do! Because we don't know whether companies of their interest would come or not!
Life thy name is uncertainty!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Website

I am trying to create a decent website for myself just because I have all the accessories to, so why not!!! The link is It is still in the process of improvisation and a lot needs to be done but at least it has started off!I have to add so many photographs, but that would take some time!Actually now I am just jumping around to hunt for some good websites and then improvise.
But sometimes I really think, technology has done wonders!

Our First Placements Party

Well, the trend is that when people get placed they have to give party to the rest of the class, and this is done in bunch of ten people. Yesterday we had our first placements party by the first 11 people who got placed, and I was one of the hosts.
We had booked a popular disc here called 10 Downing Street, and there were only our people, that too only our classmates, so we really enjoyed! It was the best party ever in Pune!We danced a lot and after our dinner on terrace, we came back inside, relaxed and chatted. It was really sweet and warm because we never get time or indulge in chatting in that manner. It was a memorable party as most people from our batch were there.
Now we wait for the next 10 to get placed soon enough! I think we would be done with our placements by this December and would have a rocking New Year party!!!

Friday, December 10, 2004

The Moment

I am talking about the moment which changed my life!
I remember, on 4th December, after I was through with the interview, I came down to my classmates at our beloved Quadrangle--which is a square shaped space surrounded by classes, Auditorium and the office. I was unable to eat or sit or talk!!!I was just walking in circles waiting for the result. I remember everyone was nervous. Then remember, I heard people coming out of the office and I heard our placements coordinator saying 'Reema Sahay' behind me. I would not forget that moment! I cannot!Everyone rushed to congratulate me and I hugged my friends. I remember going to our Director's office and meeting the interview panel again. I remember coming out and all my friends taking me to the sacred Placements Pond!!!Well, there is a small pond which has all sorts of dried leaves and rubbish including eggs, etc.Whoever gets placed is taken there for a 'holy' dip followed by anointment with eggs!!!And believe me, people want to be there, they dream about being there!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

My Interview

OK,Lets move on from here.

Q.Convince us that you are genuinely interested in advertising from anything that you have done or do.
A.Whenever I see an ad, I try to analyse the target audience for that particular product or sometimes I try to judge the effectiveness of the ad as regards the product. For example, sometime back I saw lots of huge hoardings on roadside of BPL mobile, which said “Thankyou BPL”. I had this curiosity about the kind of people those ads were targeting because the faces those adorned the hoardings were, what you would call as Metropolitan, and not the average Indian public. Besides, there are some ads, which are very entertaining, but we are unable to remember the brand names. Thus the residue from such ads, if you consider for the brand, is zero.

Q.Which is your favourite ad?
A.I like the AMUL hoardings very much. It is an old idea followed by the brand but still so contemporary.

Q.Which of the TV ads do you like?
A.Since I do not have TV over here so I cannot track the recent ads but yeah, during my trip back home I liked TATA AIG ad (a little boy planting a small plant which later grows to a tree through which he enters to flirt the neighbour’s daughter) & SBI Life ad (here ko kya pata ki tumhari umar kya hai). Besides, I also loved the recent ZEE Cinema’s ad (the one I described earlier).

Q.Why do you want to join FCB Ulka?
A.This is the only company I am interested in among those, which are coming for campus. I have prepared really hard for this because I do not want to lose this opportunity of getting into advertising.

Q.What did you do? How have you prepared?
A.I read the book by the Executive Director of FCB Ulka Mr M.G.Parwesaran, which is available with our library. I read several other books on advertising. I tracked several information about FCB Ulka and Advertising sector on net. I followed a few advertising mags like Pitch, USP and The Brand Reporter. I followed a few websites like and

Q.Everyone in this institute follow these websites?
A.No, only those who are interested in advertising follow

Q.So if you have read so much about FCB, tell us 5 things that you remember.
A.(1) According to last year’s records, FCB was the 5th ad-agency in India (It is 4th now as told in the PPT).
(2) Recently FCB appointed three COOs for New Delhi,Mumbai and Cogito Consultancy.
(3) FCB won the account of ZEE group a few months back.
(4) It manages Whirlpool’s account also.
(5) Mr Anil Kapoor is the MD & CEO of FCB Ulka Advertising.

Q.Do you know what is Regression?
A.It is a statistical tool. But I am sorry I do not remember anything else about it.

Q.Are you interested in Media Planning?
A.Yes sir, Media Planning is an interesting field where one is responsible for assigning budgets for various media according to the effectiveness depending on the product. I know it requires a good knowledge of Statistics.

Q.What about Client Servicing?
A.Client Servicing Department is the face of the agency and it coordinates between the Client and the Agency. It thus plays an important role and is crucial in the final output or solution provided to the Client. It is an interesting field because it gives a first hand exposure to the requirements of the Clients, which forms the basis for any campaign strategy.

I think this was it. I might have forgotten one or two questions. But I think this much gives the idea about the interview.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My Interview of 4th Dec........

.....that changed everything---my Past, Present and most of the Future!
Well, at first there was a Pre Placement Talk or PPT by FCB Ulka panel, which included Ms Savita Mathai and Mr Shashi Sinha.At the beginning, they showed 10 of their ads, which included
2.Mahindra Scorpio
4.Sundrop Oil
5.Indigo Marina

I would like to add that the latest Zee Cinema's ad, which is about a little girl who gets abducted by dacoits and becomes a dacoit herself, and whose life changes under the influence of Zee Cinema, and she opens a dance school; is also a product of their creativity.
FCB Ulka group includes 7-8 companies, which includes FCB Ulka Advertising, Cogito Consulting, etc.
So where were we? Ya, they talked about the company, the profile that they offered and the selection procedure.
The selection procedure started off with a 10 minutes written test, which was very Kotler-ish and something about FCB also. From that test, 4 people were short-listed and I heard that I was just below the cut off or something like that. Then we had an interview.
The interview was as follows........

Q. Tell me something about yourself.
A. I am basically from Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. I did my schooling till Class 12 there and then I shifted to Orissa, from where I completed my Grad with Commerce. In 2003, I appeared for CAT (I was smart to sneak 1 year gap in between my graduation and CAT), got through NIFT, NIRMA, IISWBM and IMDR.

Q. Why did you join IMDR?
A. It was the introducing year of MBA at NIFT, so I cancelled NIFT. Another reason was that NIFT is known for Fashion Designing and the quality of Management education was uncertain. IISWBM's HR (as far as I knew) was more popular, so I ruled it out because I was interested in Marketing. Ahmedabad was politically disturbed with riots, too far away from home and nobody of acquaintanc there. Besides, they were doubling the seats, and my director at TIME also suggested that you better go to IMDR than NIRMA!
I knew an alumnus of IMDR (Gurucharan Singh Gandhi), who told me it’s all about priorities. If you are looking for huge pay for placements, IMDR is not the place to be in, but if you are looking at quality education, this is the place to be in.
When I came here, my first reaction was what do we have here???But now I realise, there's nothing else we need for a quality management education. We do not have air-conditioned auditorium or carpets here but we have enough of what is actually needed!

Q.Have you read any book in Advertising? Which one?
A.I have read FCB Ulka Brand Building Advertising. But I read it right at the time when I joined IMDR, but ya, yesterday I glanced through it again because I thought it necessary, and I am glad I did (a few questions in written paper were from that book). Actually, I found it missing from our library since 1 month but tracked it down with 1 of my classmates finally.

Q.So you must have read the cases discussed in it? Which one of them did you like?
A.I had read it thoroughly one-year back but I can tell you which one I liked. It was Santoor.

Q.Why did you like it?
A.This ad attempted to position soap in a different way which none of the other soaps were doing. Other soaps featured filmstars or soft skin but something like this (age-defying positioning) was unique.

Q.Now that you have talked about Positioning, there are 7-8 variants of Positioning. Which one of them did this ad use?

Q.Which other books have you read on Advertising?
A.The Uncommon Sense of Advertising, The Craft of Copywriting, Advertsing--Pure and Simple, etc, but I try to read more of Indian authors, no matter what the subject is!

Q.Why is that?
A.Because it gives an Indian context to relate to.

Q.So you must have read fiction or non-fiction by Indian authors as well?
A.Yes sir,Scenes from an Executives life by Anurag Mathur, Kiran Bedi's biography, The IITians, etc.

Q.What's your rank in a class of 42 students?
A.10th. But I would like to add that along with the class activities, I have always been involved with the extra-curriculars like campus reporting for Maharashtra Herald, participating in inter and intra-collegiate festivals, being part of editorial boards for close to five years!

Guys, I would continue the remaining part of the interview tomorrow because I have got to rush.OK, so just wait for one more day.
Thankx guys for visiting my Blog!
Take Care

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Post-FCB Ulka selection

When I look back now I feel how things change in a matter of hours! How at one time, you try to get somewhere, and how in just few hours, you reach there! Life is truly amazing. But I must say one more thing. The confidence I had just before FCB came to our campus was amazing. Some how God had already indicated to me that this was my calling and my time had come! Contrary to what my brother says, I believe whatever happens, happens for good. When you don't get what you want, you complain but later on you realise that in fact that thing was not what you were meant for! For example, at some point I was crazy about NIFT but somehow I could not get through. In fact, I was the 15th one when they had to select 14 people from General category for 20 seats of Fashion Communication. At that time, I felt that I was the most unfortunate person. I realise now that I was meant to get into Advertising. Rest is all history!And I appreciate every bit of it because history has shaped my present!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Got Placed!!!

Yeah, I got placed, and that too in FCB ULKA, nothing less. When I look back at the string of things, I feel it is really a dream come true. Last year I came to know FCB visits our campus. But they take only one, and I was not sure that could be me! Since the time I joined MBA I wanted to get into advertising, but did not know how! To come to think of it, it is really difficult! PGDM from MBA and Advertising????!!! But there I was, skimming thru advertising books like FCB ULKA Brand Building, advertising, or The uncommon sense of advertising or the craft of copywriting. I must say I have worked hard, really hard!! I used to spend hours reading Economic Times, Indian Express, Business World, magazines on Advertising--Pitch, Brand Reporter and USP, and websites like & I have spent fewer hours in sleeping in Pune than what normally people spend. I have done campus reporting, poetry writing, publishing blogs and designing website. I have read endless number of pages of industry information.
And before I finish, I have reading like a crazy since a couple of days, reading Kotler in between PPTs of other companies, reading cut outs on client servicing, info on FCB Ulka.
So don't you think, I deserved this???
For now I am extremely happy and thankful to God! He gave me exactly what I asked for with all conditions fulfilled. Actually, I believe God is a little biased on my side!

Friday, December 03, 2004

To keep your cool!

Our placements season is on. Some really good companies are coming to campus. I remember in May when election results were announced, people were so much worried after the sensex dipped. But when we look at the number of jobs those have been created this year, the opportunities seem to be plenty.
The problem is when your friends start getting placed being happy for them is one thing, and keeping your cool is another. When you are surrounded by people who are placed and are realxed, you are a little worried about your own future. I am glad this feeling has not affected me as yet! Because the kind of companies, no matter how good, which are coming into campus is not where I want to be. My priority is Advertising. And I have a feeling that I would get it.
I had never dreamt in life that I would do MBA, I always wanted to be a Fashion Designer.But later I realise Advertising is a much more creative field and it affects all of us in one way or the other. Designers are still considered for niche market(some marketing jargons!).Thus since the time I decided about MBA, I knew it has to be advertising. In fact most of the people in campus know where I want to be. I have been so voluble about my objective.
At the end of the day, I trust that
"Whatever happens, happens for good!"

Monday, November 29, 2004

History of Mangalsutra

One of my friends' got this one for his Group Discussion topic--"Men should wear Bangles and Mangalsutra". This kicked off my search on origin of mangalsutra. Following is what I came across in one of the articles---
Historically, the custom of tying a mangalsutra, the auspicious emblem or cord, on the wedding day, appears to have become popular only after the 6th century AD. Before this, a yellow protective cord known as 'kankanabandhana' was tied around the wrists of the bride and the groom to signal their commitment to marriage.

The mangalsutra is considered a talisman to ward off the evil eye. The black colour of the beads is said to absorb all negative vibrations before they can reach the bride and her family. The stringing together of the beads into one thread has its significance as well. Just as each bead contributes to making a beautiful necklace, so does the woman have to blend and integrate into the new family after marriage.

I personally think everything was initiated for a noble cause or because of some scientific reason but it later evolved into something which became a bonding for women or started to be seen like one. For example, sindoor was meant to keep women's temper in control, now more and more women are giving up flaunting sindoor. Most interestingly, all jwelleries have relevance in their scientific outcome. If we say that men should wear mangalsutra and bangles, it sound like nothing else but a feminist statement. before we say so, we should ask why men need to do so? just because over the years women had been made to do so?

Integrity and Growth

Integrity or integration is all about making a combined effort. The concept of Synergy borns out of this idea. When a few systems integrate and function together they create a synergistic result and produce a result which is more than a mere addition of the individual results of the systems involved. Simply put it means when united we produce better results than we could produce when function individually. For example, sometime back, there was huge downsizing in human resources took place in most of the companies. We focussed only on installing better technology and improving our output but along the way we forgot that we cannot prosper unless we prosper as a country. Now we have realised the potential of our huge human resources, and in fact half our GDP comes from services sector. Thus Integrity has led to Growth.

Ships are safe in harbour but....

....they are not meant to be there!!!
Yeah, this was one of the topics for essay for XLRI last year.
I think it is an easy topic as far as interpretation is concerned. This topic has a striking parallel with the state of Indian companies pre-liberalisation. Foreign competition was not allowed so that indigenous companies could grow. But take for example, Bajaj scooter or Padmini cars in those days. People had to wait for months and sometimes even years to get the number and get hold of a scooter or a car. There was no alternative because there was no competition. Both these companies made money but they did so in a highly uncompetitive environment. Post-liberalisation, when MNCs flooded Indian markets, and competition grew by day, everything changed. Why! I don't remember seeing any Padmini car myself since sooooo long. The true test of the business is when it faces competition.
Same is the case with several sectors in India which are protected by government. Telecom used to be one such sector but now recently our Telecom and IT Minister Mr Dayanidhi Maran has declared that a hike is expected for FDI in telecom from 49% to 74%.Till now apart from oppositions from Left, security agencies have also not cleared the idea.The underlying idea is that when there is major stake of foreign investors, they bring competition and better technology with them, this leads to growth of the company as well as test its adaptibility according to the needs of the consumers.
Thus although ships are safe in harbours, they are not meant to be there, they are meant to venture out and face the tide, take people and goods across the sea.
Even in our lives, there are several safe alternatives, which most of the people resort to but Dhirubhai Ambanis, Tatas, Birlas are made out of taking risks and facing challenges.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Happy Diwali

I know it is still some time for Diwali but since I am going home today so Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. It is really a beautiful festival. I quit cracking Pathakhas some years back, because of several reasons.To begin with I hate the loud noise it creates and disturbs my tranquility. Secondly, it is actually wasting money. The more you buy them, whether you realise or not you are actually burning money.But try arguing with those who love doing it!!! Besides, to bring in a social angle to this, most of us are aware that these pathakhas are made by children, because of which they acquire several dreadful ailments for their entire lives. And finally, I am scared of bombs.
So Diwali for me is decorating house, making Rangolis and lighting diya.
Ever since I could remember, I have been filling up little earthen utensils with sweets and dhaan. When I was little, I used to be extremely excited because I would have lots of toys to play with but now I give them away to children of servants. I still get those tiny colourful animals made of sugar. I used to nibble them when I was little but now I acquire them because Diwali means all these! Can't help it!
So guys, have a ball, and enjoy!These are memories to linger forever, especially if it is a family get together because in this fast pace of life, it is difficult to get together too often!
Take a break!
Chill Out!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Before I am Gone....

On 3rd November, I am leaving for home. So no posts until I come back!!!
But there's time to go, and much to write before I go!!!
Well, anyways, this is a crucial time for me, and for everyone else. Because when we come back, it would be placements time. So whatever we gonna do, we have to do during these 20 or so days!
I want to build my website but things are not really materialising. First thing is that I don't know anything about coding. So it is really difficult doing that singlehandedly!Of course, my much more computer-savvy brother, who happens to be a Project Leader in a software firm, would help me. But how much can I really expect from him when he is sitting in US. And anyways, I think I should do it myself. These 20 days could have been excellent to do that but alas, there's no internet back home!

Today I finished with The Street Lawyer by John Grisham. It was a good one except for a little filmy-ishtyle ending and some other sequences. I find Sidney Sheldon really filmy. My all time favourite remains Man, Woman and Child by Erich Segal.
I never felt Love Story was as good. And also I could not ever understand why Pride & Prejudice became such a huge hit??!!
But then all of us have individual opinions, which others might not accept. Right?
Catch u later. I guess, I can write one more post before I bid u good bye!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

CAUSE & effect

I have been reading 'The Street Lawyer' by John Grisham for 2 days. It is about how a lawyer who worked for a hot-shot law firm, is hit by the realities of life after an incident. Everything changes from that point. Suddenly his ambitions and priorities change. He was a rich guy making a lot of money and climbing the ladder of success at a great pace. But suddenly, he realised that when death stares at you point black, money and career is the last thing on your mind. For the first time he gets close to life at the street, and he definitely changes for life!
This made me think about our own lives and where are we going. At some point of time, all of us talk about injustice, opportunities for the common man, service to the society, upliftment of the poor...blah...blah...blah, but what we do is put the entire blame of doing nothing about the poor, on government. Governments change on these issues but issues still are very much alive.
All of us spend almost half of our lives studying to spend the rest half drawing a fat salary. And no matter how fat the salary, the aim is to get it fatter. No matter if we draw Rs 5,000 or Rs 35,000, we always feel that it is not enough for our own needs, how can we think of any kind of donations. May be after I get a hike!!! Isn't it? But that day never comes! Selfish! Ego-centric! that's what we are!
So what do we do? Why can't all of us pledge a certain percentage of our salaries for donations, according to our willingness and convenience. Is it too bad--providing a child with a meal or may be providing her with a book!
Why don't we realise that if we are able to spend extravagantly on clothes, food and luxuries, most of the times it is good luck and not our hard work! I don't earn now, so whatever I enjoy because of my father and brother, as they earn! But I could have been one of those on strret, had I not been lucky!
So why can't all of us think and find out a cause, each one of us would like to be associated with! Remember, even the smallest of effort in the right direction, means humanity and compassion is still in the vicinity!
Take care!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Week Ahead!

I am a comparatively early riser. My day begins normally at 7 am.I like to go out at that time, and get paper and bread etc for breakfast. I come back, get bath, do Puja, then make a quick breakfast and settle with a novel or the day's newspaper. I plan at that time what needs to be done in the day, and I am so used to planning that if I don't I feel something is amiss. Although it is a good exercise yet I think I make unrealistic plans, so it does not turn out the way I plan but the main thing is that I don't forget something important, which I don't because of my schedule.
I am still on a schedule. And my internet deadline finishes at 20 mins from now.
What I wanted to write here is about the week. What I would be doing this week! Since the next week I am leaving for my home, where I would not be connected.
This week I have 2 assignments and 1 case study to submit.
Besides I am going to increase my speed of reading manyfold. I want to finish lots before I leave.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Big Bad World

Meet myself.Yeah,after 21 postings, I feel I should make an introduction so that you could relate to whatever I say.I am a 23 year old girl from a small hamlet in remote Jharkhand. Hamlet does not mean, I did not have education and other things. It just means, it was not a happening place. I had my schooling in a decent enough school--DAV Public School--till Class XII. Then I shifted to Orissa,because at my place, it took 4 years to complete graduation, so what's the point to waste 1 whole year when there are alternatives! Till my Graduation, I had not imagined for once that I would do MBA someday. Frankly speaking, I had Group Discussion fear. I was into NIFT, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. I was the one who would be glued to TV, not blinking for once, to watch Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss World Contests. Designer clothes seemed bizarre to me but even then I would think they are creative....blah..blah..blah. And then I got over this Fashion phobia. I wanted to get into Indian Institute of Mass Communication. The first time I could not make it, as I was not prepared, and then my brother, who wanted to do MBA, somehow convinced me that MBA is THE profession these days. So here I am.
But I actually drifted from what I wanted to say.
I was telling about how entirely different is life at that small hamlet--Jhinkpani--and here at Pune.There are ways in which you grow up, and there are ways through which you lose yourself, in the crowd of such a huge city! I am glad I have grown, but I fear that others do not lose themselves.....I fear!!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Festive Season's here!

Tomorrow's Dussera!!!Yeah, it is that time of the year again. But in Pune, it does not look like it. Back home, it would be one big event for the entire place--Music blaring at full volume, people dressed in new clothes for atleast 4 days on a row till Dussera. But here I have to ask people again when is Dussera, so that I don't miss Dussera. Mum-dad are also missing us but oce you grow up, you hardly kow where you are going to celebrate your festival. It depends on your commitments and priorities at that point of time.When we were in school, it was so simple, whenever you would have holidays, you would be home or may be out to some relative's place. But these days, the time you reach home is supposedly festival time!
I would be home for Diwali. But the problem is you become so out of reach at that place, that I have to think 10 times before scheduling my holidays. There's no cellular service except Cell One, and no Internet!!!Yeah, it's that remote! But you do not find fault in your child, do you? So good or bad, it is yours!!!The home, that is!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Trite & Prejudice

My weekend was not really full of books as I presumed. Sunday is always my favourite in terms of spending time doing something or nothing. My room-mates can't digest why I get up early on a holiday but I have been like this always. My logic is simple, if I get up early on a day when I have to attend classes early in the day, I would only get up and get ready for the class. But when its holiday, I wear my shoes and go for a leisurly walk, get newspaper, milk, prepare garma-garm Tea, take bath; and then settle down to reading something. It is Bliss.
Yesterday, I went to watch 'Bride & Prejudice'. I would say it was yet another ordinary Bollywood movie, only difference was that, it was in Hindi!And yeah, the male lead, Martin Henderson was the breather, if you know what I mean!
But I particularly loved one song--"Show me the way, take me to love....!!!"It's beautiful!
By the way, I am refreshing the original story of 'Pride & Prejudice' at

Sunday, October 17, 2004

My article

By the way, here's my article.................


Rural Marketing is the latest buzzword in the Indian Market. The villages and small towns, which were once inconsequential dots on maps, are now getting the attention of global marketing giants and media planners Two-third of the country’s consumers live in rural India and almost half of the national income is generated here. Thus not only a large consumer base stays at the backwaters but also because of the stagnancy in the urban demand, the only way out for the companies is to target the Rural India.
Is it that easy to target semi-urban and rural customers? It is in fact easier said than done. There are scores of issues associated with this, from poor infrastructure to low income, from the difference in the buying habits of the urban and rural customers to their wants and desires, from different lifestyles to consumption trends, and several other issues. Think for yourself, would it be a cakewalk for a Korean company to understand the idiosyncrasies of a resident in Siwan (Bihar) or a Marwari in the remote Rajasthan?
This article dwells into the opportunities enfolded in the Rural India and the challenges, which companies need to consider before taking the plunge.



The most lucrative aspect of Rural Marketing is to reach the untargeted 700 million potential customers, which would bring huge volume Sales to the company. What this data means could be sensed from the case of LIC. Almost 55 percent of LIC's business today comes from villages and as much as 47 percent of the total Sum Assured is accounted for by village folk. Of a total of 1.7 crore life insurance policies bought in the country, more than half have their origin in villages.

Untapped Potential

The estimated size of India’s rural market stated as the percentage of world population is 12.2%, which consists of largely untapped markets. Besides, introducing the existing products to the rural markets, companies are also bringing the rural customers face-to-face with several new concepts. ITC has been extremely innovative in this regard with its e-chaupal and first rural mall ‘Chaupal Sagar’ (Madhya Pradesh).
It works like this. With its network of e-chaupals, ITC communicates its latest commodity prices to the farmers via the Internet or VSAT lines. If they find these attractive, they sell their produce to ITC. Now, by setting up the mall next to the warehouse, ITC is trying to monetise the footfalls from farmers. Most of the brands sold here are national. You would find Marico, LG, Philips, torches from Eveready, shirts from ITC's apparel business, bikes from TVS, and tractors from Eicher.

Government Initiatives

With government’s focus shifting to agriculture, rural development and infrastructure, the economics of the agricultural sector is expected to see an upward trend. For example, the increasing focus on organic farming in the Planning Commission, and impetus on growth of rural sector in this Budget show positive signs.

Vanishing Urban-Rural divide

The Urban-Rural divide is shrinking as never before. The aspirations of Rural India are scaling new heights. Increased literacy and greater awareness in rural markets create new demands and discriminating buyers. Villagers who used to spend the entire day munching paan-tambakoos now demand chocolate candies. Charcoal-cleaned teeth have given way to Colgate and the likes.
In fact there are categories where rural market share is greater then urban like batteries, blues, tea, washing cakes/bars, etc. 38% of the two-wheeler consumers are rural. Besides, LG has clearly set a target of 70% value growth in rural market. It anticipates the contribution of the rural market to be 65% this year. As also, 50% of the confectionery market lies in rural areas, and the market is growing at a rate many times more than the urban market. Even Coca Cola India claims that 30% of its sales come from rural markets.

Competition in Urban Markets

Intensified competition in urban markets increases costs and reduces market share. The situation is that the total market in Urban India is not increasing substantially, thus companies are fighting hard to maintain their market share, sometimes at the cost of their profits also. For example, the recent case of price-cuts by HLL and P&G in detergent powder segment has led to drastic cut in the profits of both the companies. It is also not viable to sustain market share in this way because low profits rely on volumes to sustain it.
The rural market thus provides the obvious scope for furthering company’s market. The automobile market brings this out clearly. Bajaj scooters and Ambassador cars find ready acceptance in the rural market in the present scenario, where the urban market is flooded with brands of motorbikes and cars in a variety of range.


Low Income level

Rural consumers have a lower disposable income. A majority of these comprise of daily-wage earners, who rely on their daily earnings for sustenance. Since their disposable income is low, so their needs are also restricted to minimum requirements. For example, if they decide to buy a TV, they would not look at Flat-screen or surround sound system or golden eye. They would buy a TV with the basic functions and no more specialties or value-addition, simply because they cannot pay for it.
In the Television segment, LG’s ‘Sampoorna’ and Onida’s IGO, at lower cost, are targeted towards rural consumers. 14-inch economy colour TV models also saw competitive pricing.

Inadequate infrastructure facilities (electricity and roads)

Poor infrastructure leads to poor physical distribution. When companies target rural markets, availability is also a very important aspect. Poor electricity facilities and poor roads leads to difficulties in distribution of product on time and storage problems.

Retail & Distribution Network

Unlike the variety of stores in the urban market, rural markets have only small retailers in the form of kirana shops. There is no proper display of products and most of the times there is hardly any brand-loyalty.
The rural India had first brush with the concept of shopping malls with ITC’s Chaupal Sagar.

Different Buying Behaviour

It is observed that the buying behaviour of urban and rural consumers is very different. For example, since a majority of rural consumers are daily-wage earners, they cannot possibly buy big ‘money-saver packs’ simply because they are cheaper in effect. The companies fear that if they introduce such packs in the rural markets, it would lead to loose retail of their product by the retailers and they would loose control over quality, brand presentation and price.
HLL had been able to gauge this and it introduced the concept of ‘nano-marketing’, which meant products made available in small sachets especially for the rural consumers. After so many years of introduction of this concept, today everything possible is available in a sachet, from edible oil to shampoo, from tomato sauce to coconut oil, from coffee to milk powder. This concept brings affordability with variety to the rural consumers.
For Coca Cola also the launch of the Rs 5 pack has reaped rich dividends in terms of sales. 50 gm packs of Godrej’s FairGlow and Cinthol at Rs 5 each, and HLL’s Lifebuoy at Rs 2, are examples of how companies are reacting according to the rural markets

Inaccessibility of conventional advertising media

Since TV is accessible to only around 50% of the rural consumers. Thus the conventional advertising media does not really work in these quarters. Thus companies have to take a different route to reach out to the consumers. Rural marketing discourse, Wall paintings Calendar advertising and outdoor advertising are most common. Besides, companies target gatherings like ‘Kumbh Mela’ festival, where they provided ‘touch and feel’ demo and free samples like Colgate-Palmolive distributed free samples of its herbal toothpaste. There are Consumer Video Vans, which carry informecials to rural villages.

Seasonal consumption

One more problem with this market is that it is more-or-less seasonal. In most of the places, there is acute dependence on monsoons. Besides, there is also increase in disposable income and more willingness in the rural consumers during harvests and festivals, unlike urban consumers, who buys throughout the year.

Understanding local tastes

It is easy to imagine how difficult it could be for MNCs to understand the local tastes and preferences of people. To solve this problem several companies go for Joint Ventures o tie-ups. For example, in early 90s, P&G tied up with Godrej, as it was oblivion to local tastes.

Cheap alternatives

Since rural consumers comprise of illiterate people also. It forms ground for the cheap copies of established brand. For example, Fair & Lovely could be Fare & Lovely or Parachute could be Farachute. Since the packaging is so similar that the consumers are easily fooled. Thus, companies also need to monitor what goes on in the rural markets in this respect.


Thus, rural marketing is not a child’s play. It calls for an extensive research about the market and the consumers. Meanwhile, the investment for improving the basic conditions of water, electricity and roads in rural areas must be strengthened so as to create a better environment for growth in all respect.
Looking at the opportunities and challenges in the rural market, it is certain that the rural sector is extremely lucrative but only for those who understand its dynamics and are able to make the best use of it, otherwise it can become a trap in the sense where the companies lose focus of their core customers.

Pitch-The Advertising, Marketing and Media Review
Rural Marketing by Sanal Kumar Velayudhan

Saturday has arrived. Finally!

This day was extremely taxing. I got up at 6.30 am for a class at 8 am. After the class, at 9.30 am, I sat down finally to write my pending article for our college magazine LINKPIN. I have been an editorial board member for more than a year and did not write one article!!!That was really, really bad. So by 2.30 pm, I completed my article on 'Rural Marketing in India-Opportunities & Challenges'. That done, I went to canteen to grab a quick lunch of Masala Dosa (although I have got sick of it!). Then I spent time in the library flipping through Economic Times till 4.30 pm. I had a class till 7.30 pm. And after everything, I am here at our good, old computer lab to post stuff about something atleast. Everyday I logged into Blogspot, wondered what to write, close it and leave for home! It had been days since I last posted!
Anyways, my reading cruise is still on! Now that my article is completed, today I would start 'The Da-Vinci Code', then I have also got a collection of short stories, Interpreter of Maladies and one from Harry Porter series (I finally decided to have a look why JK Rowling is creating so much buzz everywhere!) piled up! Besides, I have 2 issues of USP, 1 issue of Pitch, 1 old issue of 'The Brief' and bound A&M issues. Anybody would think I am completely drowned in Advertising! Well, atleast I am trying.
Its a dream to be there, in Advertising, creating wonderful ads!
You know something? I really love Saturdays, it has a Sunday a day after to relax!
OK, enough of dreaming. My back is aching like hell! I have been working since morning without rest, so catch you later, sweetie!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Reading like a Maverick!

Yeah! That's what I am doing these days. As time is running out and I am counting days in this institute, I want to read all the books which I want to read!I read Kiran Bedi's Biography 'I Dare'. I found it really motivating. This woman is really something!
Secondly, I read R.K.Narayan's 'Malgudi Adventures', stories of our good old Malgudi!!!I remember its tune. And infact Malgudi's ringtone is quite popular!

And today I got hold of "The Da Vinci Code" finally!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Life hits you really Hard!

Last two days had been difficult. It seems that those were not just two days but several!!!!They were long, really long!
On Saturaday, two of my friends met with a very severe accident on a bike while driving back from a picnic in the outskirts. The accident was so severe that we lost one of our friends, and the other is fighting for his life at ICU.
I feel really sad when I look at his parents! At this age they have to go through this. His Father is sitting outside ICU since the time he got admitted, barring few trips home. He looks normal but anybody could imagine what it is to see your child in such state. You really need nerves of steel.
I just pray to God that he gets well soon,back to his normal self. I really miss him around. Just a day before his accident, all of us dined together. And now we are seeing him stuck inside life-support system.
Life is really, really difficult. But keep the Faith!
I must add here that Pune is a really a nightmare for two-wheeler drivers. (Hope my brother doesn't reads this!)But then in India where do you find people abiding by rules? But this incident has made me extremely afraid.

Friday, October 01, 2004


Actually I had been searching for Online Books since a very long time and finally today I found two links. I don't know whether these are the most popular ones or not, but they would do for the time being.They are

The first book I am going to hit is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I had read this book before but a very long time ago. So, since apni Aishwarya's Bride & Prejudice is creating so much hype. I should get through the original scipt before getting to watch the movie!

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Deamz Unlimited

I don't know why but I have always felt this attraction for books, book shops and even magazine stalls. I like to be in the close vicinity of lots of books. I might not read all of them, as I love reading, yet there is some sort of strong pull.This has given me idea to own a chain of book shops like Crossword or Landmark but better and beyond their scope. It has to be exotic! Something which no one has ever seen! I know I would love to own such a thing!
Another of my dreams is to have my own Greeting cards company. Sometime back I used to design greeting cards myself for the B'days and Friendship days for my friends. It would start with a picture that I would be hit with while going through magazines or books. It would somehow relate to some mood or some moment that is close to me and then it would turn into a card complete with a poetry. I used to make cards mostly for my best friend as she understood the feelings that makes a mere picture in some obscure magazine into a card! It would have a poem that would be specially for her! But I have not made any card since a long time, may be soon I would get back to my love once again!
Yesterday I was discussing about The IITians by Sandipan Deb.
I remember, somewhere in the book, the author mentions that IITians do their work only when they have no other option, that is, at the last moment. But that is true with all of us. Here at IMDR, we think it is an IMDRite trait. But I guess, it is an Indian mentality or shall I say Lethargy. They do not do anything till the last moment.
It was also a new discovery for me to read about the social skills of IITians. I would rather say that I never thought about it! Imagine 400 guys and 12 girls!!!Crazy situation!
About the deadline thing----it is true everywhere in India. Women are meant to be protected and hence all sorts of absurd rules and regulations even after you reach the Age!!!At our hostel in college, the deadline was 5 pm! Anyways, there was nothing to do in any case outside, before or after the deadline!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Last week was intellectually fulfilling. I read 2 books--first being, Scenes from an Executive's Life by Anurag Mathur and The IITians by Sandipan Deb.
Let me first dwell on the first one!It was truly typical exercepts from an Executive's life.The same old office politics, which all of us have gone through or heard about! The same old mistakes people commit! The same old consequences of promiscuous rendezvous!But it all made for an interesting reading.
I want to write more about the second book so I leave you here with the review of the first one to go ahead and explore for yourself. Because that is what I did!
I had read about this new book called The IITians and I thought, now that Five Point Someone (another one about IIT but a fiction) has become so popular, the market would be flooded with all sorts of details and statistics of IITs! But then I chanced upon this book in my college library. I had not intended to read it earlier because I thought such books would make sense only to the IITians! But then somehow I picked the book and after a few chapters was hooked to it! I would not be as dramatic as saying that it changed my life! But when I think in terms of Pre-The IITians and Post-The IITians, it has definitely made me more aware about several things related to the most coveted and respected professional brand we have--The IITs!
I came to know about so many IITians and the way they are affecting our lives and the lives of the people around them and across the globe!
Over the years we have been talking about Brain Drain. I came to know more about it--the Whys and Whats!Earlier I did not understand anything much on this issue. But now I understand much of it! I was impressed by the grassroots level work done by several IITians and was filled with awe by the enormity of achievements that so many of the IITians carry!Even to general people like us it is of some pride to connect ourselves in some way with some IITian! My friend studies at IIT Delhi. We are hardly in touch but I do mention this to my newly formed friends at some point of time! IIT also fills me with some awe. I feel that those who go to IIT must be people of some other planet, extremely intelligent and outstanding, and yeah, with a lot of out-of-box aptitude ( I am a management student afterall)!
I never dreamt of going to IITs! And thank god for that! Because those who do, sweat it out for atleast 4-5 years these days, in such extremely competitive environment! I am the creative sort! Thinking about machines and motors, make me sick...but I admire all those who do wonders with these things.
I was really impressed by the work done by Prof. Jhunjhunwala of IIT Madras. And also of 'The Toymaker'( I forgot the name!)that the book had a chapter on.
I had this argument yesterday with some of my friends who clearly were irritated of seeing me hooked to this book day in and day out! The issue was why people crib so much about IITians not doing enough!What they are doing at grassroots level, even other engineers could also do, then why people raise eyebrows on only what the IITians have not done!
I would continue with The IITians in my next posting.
Till then, enjoy!!!

Friday, September 10, 2004

In touch with me

I am a bundle of Introspections, Retrospections, and yeah,Contradictions. Like everyone else, of course!

These days all of us are talking about placements, jobs, etc,etc.I feel, and mind it, it's no gyaan, that there are lots of jobs outside the campus. OK! Let me begin this afresh.

I am doing PGDM at IMDR, Pune. Many of you would think....ok, yet another institute, at yet another corner of Pune. You might as well be thinking, what must be the situation at Pune and Bangalore, really??!!These places are being over-crowded with institutes and more institutes, and the number is just increasing in such a way that the rate would might beat our population growth rate as well!!! But jokes apart, IMDR means Institute of Management Development & Research.It has been around 30 years in Management education, and it does not believes in Advertising itself in order to attract more application forms. So forget that it would resort to several of those antics, so many of the institutes do these days in order to attract companies to come for placements!It stands by its values. Some say it is all crap! Some say the values have become outdated! I think it surely needs some integrity and strength to stand by your values. In fact, situations--good and bad--really test your values. Otherwise all of us could write great sounding words as our Values!!!

The point is why should this institute follow that suite , which all others are following. Just because it is convenient to get placed through campus? Just because campus placements come with some pride? What else?

I live in reality. I think this institute is great but I also know tht none of the kind of jobs I want would be available in campus, and that does not make this institute any less great! I know everone would say it is easier to give gyaan rather than stick to these principles! Lets c!

So the point is when I know that no matter what I do, the kind of companies I would like to join would not come for campus placements, then rather than cribbing wouldn't it be far wise move to plan things with this assumption! Only because HLLs and P&Gs do not come to my campus, my institute is inferior? I cannot buy this view!

Personal Opinion, of course!!!


The first thing on everybody's mind is Placements!!!Mine too!But surprisingly, I am not worried, like others.
My institute does not believe in advertising, and it has stood by its values through all seasons. I think it is really commendable, considering the fact that there is a Management institute in every nook and corner, and each one advertises obscenly to attract more students and companies!Sad, it might sound, but truely, education has become a booming industry.
Some of us get frustated and abuse the IMDR that it is playing with our careers, blah...blah...blah!But what is really beyond my comprehension is that why campus placements is the only way of getting a job? There are several wonderful jobs out there, and people need you! In any case, no company pays you out of charity, it needs you!Why do we always underestimate ourselves???

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Women all the way!

I started a project with LIJJAT Papad, a women's co-operative. It is an all-women organisation barring a few male employees. One of the important things to note here is that all the 40,000 women from across the country who work with the organisation (called Bhagini)are owners of the organisation. Each of them have veto power. No man can be an owner of this organisation.They get a 5kg, 7 kg, etc dough each day which they make into papad and bring the next day. The next day papads are weighed and the women are paid their 'Mehnatana'. There is 1-2 Sanchalikas in each of the 63 branches who are responsible for the supervision of the work done. The dough is made with the help of machine and then 6-7 women pound it.The Sanchalika gets only Rs 50 more than the others.
As it is said that two women cannot be the best of friends but at LIJJAT nobody bitches about the other. There is no comparisons and no competition.
Usually, the entire neighbourhood of women are selected because papad is anyways made with the help of others.
Secondly, the orders are collected from the distributors and within 4 days, they receive the required papads.
So as they say there is no Male Chauvinism in this organisation atleast!
Women Power!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Women wowed me!

Well, do not get me wrong!
This Sunday I happened to see the world famous (or infamous???) play 'The Vagina Monologues'. It has become a sort of talk of the town. Well, since none of my friends are so crazy as to give 200 bucks for a play! So I had to go alone!
Whenthe play started, well, it was not really a play! So when it started, I felt like this is the begining of yet something new.All the actors were amazing. And I mean every alphabet of AMAZING! I was completely bowled over!
I don't know what to comment on the play but the acting was simply awesome!Since this was the first time, I was part of something so bold and in-your-face, I really did not know how to react to their dialogues. But yes, it was really commendable in which the actors did it! The monologues were all about how 300 odd women from across the world reacted to a survey which essentially, yeah, Vagina! See I am not yet too comfortable with the word! So that was some experience!

Here's few lines to Womanhood..........
"I am a Woman,
I am the one,
I am a Woman
who has always Won."

Saturday, August 07, 2004

This day that was

Not a really happening day but I must say this Corporate Finance is getting on my nerves. I feel as if I am getting sunk in all the assignments and works to do! I don't even remember how many things I am supposed to do! I am afraid I wold have to quit this midway. Because I am concentrating more on Finance than Marketing, whatever little even that might be!

Poetry sometimes.....

Elizabeth Akers Allen

At Last

At last, when all the summer shine
That warmed life's early hours is past,
Your loving fingers seek for mine
And hold them close—at last—at last!
Not oft the robin comes to build
Its nest upon the leafless bough
By autumn robbed, by winter chilled,—
But you, dear heart, you love me now.

Though there are shadows on my brow
And furrows on my cheek, in truth,—
The marks where Time's remorseless plough
Broke up the blooming sward of Youth,—
Though fled is every girlish grace
Might win or hold a lover's vow,
Despite my sad and faded face,
And darkened heart, you love me now!

I count no more my wasted tears;
They left no echo of their fall;
I mourn no more my lonesome years;
This blessed hour atones for all.
I fear not all that Time or Fate
May bring to burden heart or brow,—
Strong in the love that came so late,
Our souls shall keep it always now!

Friday, August 06, 2004

Some more....

John Clare

First Love

I ne'er was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and so sweet.
Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away complete.

My face turned pale, a deadly pale.
My legs refused to walk away,
And when she looked what could I ail
My life and all seemed turned to clay.

And then my blood rushed to my face
And took my eyesight quite away.
The trees and bushes round the place
Seemed midnight at noonday.

I could not see a single thing,
Words from my eyes did start.
They spoke as chords do from the string,
And blood burnt round my heart.

Are flowers the winter's choice
Is love's bed always snow
She seemed to hear my silent voice
Not love appeals to know.

I never saw so sweet a face
As that I stood before.
My heart has left its dwelling place
And can return no more.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Friends Forever

Yesterday was Friendship Day! Since last 2-3 days, I had been feeling very down. Life seemed so dull.I missed my room-mate, my best friend very much!
I remembered the wonderful times we had together!How we used to share life's li'l experiences, life's compulsions,happiness,troubles and what not! I remember, she would religiously bring water for me in case I would have tea, because tea harms empty stomach, as I have a problem of acidity!
I remember how I used to get possessive about her, and get angry when she would not come to room for a long time and sit with others!
But she was the most uderstanding, the most accomodating; she would understand everything! She knew what was she to me and vice-versa!
She was a sweetheart, so innocent and caring!
Every Friendship Day, she would try to get up early and wish me first, but she would always fail at that!
This year I missed her a lot.This is one relation which does not loses its lustre, no matter how many seasons change!I know she would be there, and she kows I would be there too!
While I was going mad trying to reach her, she called me up on Friendship Day and, really made my Day!
I always pray that may God give her the very best in Life, because she's really worth it!


Monday, August 02, 2004

Poetry at all times!

Author: Laurie Picotte

When time comes to a stand still and the world come to an
will you still be there for me from now until then.

When the moon never beams and the sun no longer shines,
will you still love me more and more as days go by.

The way I feel about you the world cannot compare,
please don't ever leave me I need you there.

I read this wonderful poetry on, and thought it worthwhile to give it a space on my Blog.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mark Twain said......

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Friday, July 16, 2004

Love is a Binding Vine!

Reading being my, I recently finished a book called THE BINDING VINE by Shashi Deshpande. And I must say it was truly remarkable!It was so real!It is the narrative of an intelligent, sharp-tongued woman who laments the death of her daughter. She comes across the story of her mother-in-law who was raped in her marriage, and again she comes across a young girl who was also raped!The whole novel consists of her trying to understand the mental state of her mother-in-law when she goes through such horror!She tries to dwell into the psyche of both the women and tries to visualise the circumstances.It is a WONDERFUL book!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I want to be.......

This is what we discussed today in Business Ethics.I said I want to be a CEO after 6-7 years.Sir said whoever wants to be a CEO, he becomes one first.How?Well, in everything what he does, he does it like a CEO!
Welcome to the world of Passion.
This prompted me to think of my own Passion...think!!!!Just imagine having to think of Passion.Arre, if it is a Passion, I would sleep with it, wake up with it!But what to do,I have got so used to doing things that I should be doing, that I no longer remember what is my Passion!
I remember as a little girl I used to love painting but I was a good imitator, nothing original...I also remember words mesmerised me, so I wanted to get a command over atleast one language so that I could express myself well...I remember reading novels, amazed by what beautiful picture words create.
Words are Magic.Yes, it still is!But the zest to write is too subdued now!
I want my Passion back for I want to live. Passion!

If I had to leave you,
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If ever, I had to leave you,

How would I?

Knowing you are there

just around some corner,

beneath this very sky,

And still remember you never,

How would I?

If I had to leave you,

Knowing there’d be

no tomorrows,

to hold onto,

no yesterdays,

to cling to,

only a vacuum in life,

Tell me, How would I?

How would I ever leave you

with pangs of gnawing memories,

scar of unfulfilled love,

to haunt you forever?

How would I live,

Knowing, killing pains

multiply, thrive,

in your tender heart?

Tell me,

How would I live apart?

But still if,

If I had to leave you

I’d wish it to be

that rather you leave me!!!


In thinking of you…..

there’s immense joy,

there’s tremendous pain,

thousands of memories,

and moments, worth living again!

When I think of you….

I miss crazy gossips

of many-a-sleepless nights,

I miss not having to make sense

all the time,

I miss pretending to sleep

while you chatter no end,

I miss throwing tantrums

and still being pampered,

I miss those unexplained smiles,

untold tales,

unspoken moments of togetherness,

I miss holding your hand

and saying nothing at all,

I miss sharing jokes, crushes and

endless cups of coffee,

I miss a shoulder to cry on

and I miss being

happy and sad together….

I miss all that

and much, much more….

For today, I just survive!

For today, I miss being alive!

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Indian Values

This is a warning
I am going to make a mockery of Indian Values, question it and abuse it!
What are Indian Values?Basically, I call it hypocrisy or double standards!Let us start from our beliefs and practises about Marriage. What is Marriage?Why do we marry, first of all? Is it not for a life-partner?Someone who would shoulder the burden of life with you. To get a companionship and compatibility.Who do we want to get married to?Someone who cares for me.......... someone who believes in me, trusts me, identifies with my ambitions, encourages me, supports me....someone who is a pillar of strength where I would take shelter when life is tough....someone who encourages me, is always there, understands me,accepts me for what I am!
Now let me throw light on usual practise of Arranged Marriage.You don't know the other person you gonna marry. You have met a couple of times with your families, or may be gone out once or twice together.You might have talked with him/her for hours.You know how much salary he draws.You know his family's status.
Now compare both the things---what you want and what you get!In India, parents "dream"(???) of marrying of their sons and daughters, and if the son or the daughter finds a match for himself/herself, it leads to a great melodrama!The parents accuse the son of ditching them, of not fulfilling his duty, and what not!
The bottonline of such issue is--If you marry according to my wish you are a good son/daughter, otherwise you are a traitor!

Poetic pursuits.......

Tell Me why?

Tell me why?
Only once I live,
but a million times I die,
Tell me why?

Tell me why?
Millions of stars on the horizon,
but not one for my sky,
Tell me why?

Tell me why?
Joys are ephemeral,
but the wounds multiply,
Tell me why?

Tell me why?
Life creates boundaries,
but the heart does not comply,
Tell me why?

Friday, July 09, 2004

I just..........

I wanna shout to the world that I just came alivein the Blog world!