Friday, October 22, 2004

Festive Season's here!

Tomorrow's Dussera!!!Yeah, it is that time of the year again. But in Pune, it does not look like it. Back home, it would be one big event for the entire place--Music blaring at full volume, people dressed in new clothes for atleast 4 days on a row till Dussera. But here I have to ask people again when is Dussera, so that I don't miss Dussera. Mum-dad are also missing us but oce you grow up, you hardly kow where you are going to celebrate your festival. It depends on your commitments and priorities at that point of time.When we were in school, it was so simple, whenever you would have holidays, you would be home or may be out to some relative's place. But these days, the time you reach home is supposedly festival time!
I would be home for Diwali. But the problem is you become so out of reach at that place, that I have to think 10 times before scheduling my holidays. There's no cellular service except Cell One, and no Internet!!!Yeah, it's that remote! But you do not find fault in your child, do you? So good or bad, it is yours!!!The home, that is!

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