Saturday, October 30, 2004

CAUSE & effect

I have been reading 'The Street Lawyer' by John Grisham for 2 days. It is about how a lawyer who worked for a hot-shot law firm, is hit by the realities of life after an incident. Everything changes from that point. Suddenly his ambitions and priorities change. He was a rich guy making a lot of money and climbing the ladder of success at a great pace. But suddenly, he realised that when death stares at you point black, money and career is the last thing on your mind. For the first time he gets close to life at the street, and he definitely changes for life!
This made me think about our own lives and where are we going. At some point of time, all of us talk about injustice, opportunities for the common man, service to the society, upliftment of the poor...blah...blah...blah, but what we do is put the entire blame of doing nothing about the poor, on government. Governments change on these issues but issues still are very much alive.
All of us spend almost half of our lives studying to spend the rest half drawing a fat salary. And no matter how fat the salary, the aim is to get it fatter. No matter if we draw Rs 5,000 or Rs 35,000, we always feel that it is not enough for our own needs, how can we think of any kind of donations. May be after I get a hike!!! Isn't it? But that day never comes! Selfish! Ego-centric! that's what we are!
So what do we do? Why can't all of us pledge a certain percentage of our salaries for donations, according to our willingness and convenience. Is it too bad--providing a child with a meal or may be providing her with a book!
Why don't we realise that if we are able to spend extravagantly on clothes, food and luxuries, most of the times it is good luck and not our hard work! I don't earn now, so whatever I enjoy because of my father and brother, as they earn! But I could have been one of those on strret, had I not been lucky!
So why can't all of us think and find out a cause, each one of us would like to be associated with! Remember, even the smallest of effort in the right direction, means humanity and compassion is still in the vicinity!
Take care!

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