Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Big Bad World

Meet myself.Yeah,after 21 postings, I feel I should make an introduction so that you could relate to whatever I say.I am a 23 year old girl from a small hamlet in remote Jharkhand. Hamlet does not mean, I did not have education and other things. It just means, it was not a happening place. I had my schooling in a decent enough school--DAV Public School--till Class XII. Then I shifted to Orissa,because at my place, it took 4 years to complete graduation, so what's the point to waste 1 whole year when there are alternatives! Till my Graduation, I had not imagined for once that I would do MBA someday. Frankly speaking, I had Group Discussion fear. I was into NIFT, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. I was the one who would be glued to TV, not blinking for once, to watch Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss World Contests. Designer clothes seemed bizarre to me but even then I would think they are creative....blah..blah..blah. And then I got over this Fashion phobia. I wanted to get into Indian Institute of Mass Communication. The first time I could not make it, as I was not prepared, and then my brother, who wanted to do MBA, somehow convinced me that MBA is THE profession these days. So here I am.
But I actually drifted from what I wanted to say.
I was telling about how entirely different is life at that small hamlet--Jhinkpani--and here at Pune.There are ways in which you grow up, and there are ways through which you lose yourself, in the crowd of such a huge city! I am glad I have grown, but I fear that others do not lose themselves.....I fear!!!

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