Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Life hits you really Hard!

Last two days had been difficult. It seems that those were not just two days but several!!!!They were long, really long!
On Saturaday, two of my friends met with a very severe accident on a bike while driving back from a picnic in the outskirts. The accident was so severe that we lost one of our friends, and the other is fighting for his life at ICU.
I feel really sad when I look at his parents! At this age they have to go through this. His Father is sitting outside ICU since the time he got admitted, barring few trips home. He looks normal but anybody could imagine what it is to see your child in such state. You really need nerves of steel.
I just pray to God that he gets well soon,back to his normal self. I really miss him around. Just a day before his accident, all of us dined together. And now we are seeing him stuck inside life-support system.
Life is really, really difficult. But keep the Faith!
I must add here that Pune is a really a nightmare for two-wheeler drivers. (Hope my brother doesn't reads this!)But then in India where do you find people abiding by rules? But this incident has made me extremely afraid.

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