Saturday, August 15, 2009


It is all so surreal. As if I will wake up one day and all this will go away like a nightmare. Just yesterday I was telling my colleague, I never thought I would see this day in office (90% of the people are in masks by the way). Even a month back if somebody would have said that we would be working at office in masks, I would not have believed it. It brings back stories of ages ago, when villages used to wash out or eaten up by a disease. Our technology has progressed and our diseases have become more complex and even more fatal.

I think the government totally missed out on declaring curfew this weekend. I have seen people moving out of the city on vacations, and it is definitely going to be dangerous. It is good that people from all classes are aware enough to wear masks while venturing into public. But every thing said and done, people are meeting other people, commuting in public transports and there is only so much precaution can you take while going out of home. In fact, there is even greater danger for people at home when some of the members go out daily. We needed a total cut-off, for this weekend atleast.

I had a great day today, for I did not wear a mask in last 24 hours! We did have a small party with a couple of friends, which I was immensely skeptical about, but then I finally let it go! Perhaps media is making me paranoid. Perhaps a little caution and precaution is enough to keep you safe.

Hope this gets over soon!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Fear Factor

Friendship Day was good and Rakshabandhan was scintillating but Swine Flu has taken daylights out of all of us. Not so long ago, chickenguinea, Bird Flu, SARS….looked like something which happened to other people in other countries. But the ascent of Swine Flu is so palpable. I think 90% of the people on roads are wearing some or the other kind of Masks.

It started with a couple of cases in schools in Pune, then we heard how couple of schools were shut for a few days. Slowly, the disease became rampant, with every school and college closing for 7-10 days. We were still enjoying ourselves. In last 2 days, we are so gripped by the thought of Swine Flu during every waking hour that there is really no respite.

I am giving my driving classes a break for a couple of days. We even started wearing masks at office. These masks are really not the ones which are recommended (N95) but anything is better than nothing. This mask is actually out of stock in all medical shops and people are ordering these from outside. I don’t know when will I be able to lay my hands on those, till then we are all wearing the regular disposable masks. Read more on the right mask here.

The so-called good news is that the vaccine will be out by December in India. If ‘that’ is good news, then what is bad! And hey, right early in the morning, I read this news in Paper and my spirit ebbed like never before. Something needs to be done, and real fast!