Saturday, August 15, 2009


It is all so surreal. As if I will wake up one day and all this will go away like a nightmare. Just yesterday I was telling my colleague, I never thought I would see this day in office (90% of the people are in masks by the way). Even a month back if somebody would have said that we would be working at office in masks, I would not have believed it. It brings back stories of ages ago, when villages used to wash out or eaten up by a disease. Our technology has progressed and our diseases have become more complex and even more fatal.

I think the government totally missed out on declaring curfew this weekend. I have seen people moving out of the city on vacations, and it is definitely going to be dangerous. It is good that people from all classes are aware enough to wear masks while venturing into public. But every thing said and done, people are meeting other people, commuting in public transports and there is only so much precaution can you take while going out of home. In fact, there is even greater danger for people at home when some of the members go out daily. We needed a total cut-off, for this weekend atleast.

I had a great day today, for I did not wear a mask in last 24 hours! We did have a small party with a couple of friends, which I was immensely skeptical about, but then I finally let it go! Perhaps media is making me paranoid. Perhaps a little caution and precaution is enough to keep you safe.

Hope this gets over soon!


  1. I'm not wearing mask as of now. It need not be worn by people who are not in direct contact with people who are affected :)

  2. Hey d_gypsy, hope is what keeps us go on :)

    Hi Ani_aset, you are right but you know when you are going out, get in the breathing zone of other people; you don't know who is affected and who isn't. It is just a precaution. I read somewhere that a person can infect you from day one, even when he himself doesn't know that he is infected. So, for that reason I'm wearing mask whenever I'm out of home!

  3. given birth by an incompetent and inadequate sarkari machinery, fueled by media, now this paranoia is about to hit delhi...
    lets keep our fingers crossed.

  4. Hey,

    Didcha check my blog post on Swine Flu? Have raged on about this entire scenario... You're right, it's scary and crazy...

    Nope, I'm not taking any precautions outside of my daily routine. I just believe in God and destiny too much!


  5. Hi adee, I agree that initial paranoia was a bit too much but now that there is absolutely no news about this, I do want the media to give some sort of updates on what is happening! I read in paper that some sort of mutation has been observed in some Asian countries, and also what is the development on vaccine, etc, etc! People are still dying!

  6. Hey anuja, I did read your post. I have acted completely the opposite. I have atleast 4 kinds of mask right now, 1 even couriered from Jamshedpur from my dad, my brother sent me "immunity enhancing" homeopathic medicine by Dr crazy can one get! Now I am hardly doing anything apart from washing hands (that also not doing very frequently like earlier). Media hype atleast made us aware and more sensitive to hygiene!