Sunday, September 20, 2009

On the Road

The other day when I was riding my scooty, there were quite a few things which left me infuriated. This post is actually an inspiration from that day.

Things which leave me cursing on the road:

  • Where there are no dividers, people who drive on the other lane even when there are enough vehicles coming from the opposite sides.
  • The sharp, sudden holes surfacing in the middle of the roads (no wonder I have fallen twice, back to back)
  • People driving with high beam on.
  • Poor street lighting – what are we paying taxes for!
  • Some chauvinists, who try to show off that they can drive faster
  • The slow pace at which the roads are made, and the fast pace in which it gets deteriorated
  • The way autorickshawalas never give proper signal while taking a turn, it would always be sudden, abrupt.

I will surely keep adding my woes (because all the ideas crop up when I am on the road)


  1. hehe drive safe dear and more so when the situation is like this :)

  2. How about people honk for the sake of honking???

    Or people who walk as if they are in their personal garden?

    Arrgh!!! there are so many things that are bad about Indian traffic!!

  3. Hey ani_aset: It is really crazy! Of course, now I am far more careful, and anyways started learning to drive car, so in a motnh or so would not have to worry that much :-)
    Hey Smita: You are so right! But I must admit, I also honk quite a lot ;-) When in Rome, do what the Romans do (or something like that!)

  4. Ah I miss driving on Pune roads! But Hyderabad isn't bad either! :)

    I myself kinda drive fast (faster than most on the road) and you HAVE to honk to get some space!

    Nice blog BTW. :)