Monday, September 28, 2009

Festivities galore

Of late we have been celebrating all festivals with a lot of enthusiasm. We had a great time on Ganesh Chaturthhi, Anant Chaturdashi and also on Dussera (Happy Dussera, by the way!). We make it a point to get together and celebrate with all rituals. The point is what are we going to teach our next generation and in any case, these festivals mean a lot to all of us, have always meant to be great family time.

Last 3 days have been absolute fun. On Saturday, we went to a couple of places to see Durga Puja Pandal. But I must say, it is absolutely nothing to the way it is celebrated in East. Durga Puja reminds me of school days. We would have new clothes and everyday, starting from Saptami, we would be out with friends, gorging on Paani Puris and Chaats. Well, on Saturday, we were also able to catch this cute dance by a few kids in one of the pandals. Later, we had a nice Italian dinner at Soho’s (can’t remember the restaurant’s name though, starts with “T”). The only dish which turned out good was the one that I ordered- Mushrooms tossed in Olive oil with cheese Garlic bread.

Yesterday was good too, we went to watch “Wanted”. No, that was not at all my idea. The guys wanted to see this movie (I don’t know what kind of pleasure guys get in watching gory movies). I would say, “Wanted” was a good comedy, worth watching once. The true Tollywood style action, dance and dialogues, really kept us in splits all the time, and add to that Salman Khan dancing like Prabhu Deva!!! You can’t even imagine what it truly means, unless you watch it yourself. While coming back, we went to eat Momos in Vimannagar.

That was not all, we had to get Marigolds for Dassera. The phoolwalas were quoting such ostentatious price (one garland for 50 bucks!!!), so we just got the flowers and made garlands ourselves. Actually in Maharashtra, the tradition is to deck up your house and vehicles with Marigolds. We have never done this back home, but there’s no harm in it, so we also did all of it. All of us made nice colorful rangolis at our floor and actually got carried away a little bit. At the end of it, our entire floor was covered with rangolis J

So, this weekend was definitely smashing, now waiting for the next one. Though I have a working Saturday, but it isn’t so bad!


  1. We had similar Durga Puja's and have seen it in its full glory in Orissa :-) we used to compete in who can have max pani puri's :D

    And u liked Wanted :-) yay!!!!

    Happy Dussehra :)

  2. Yes, it is all so grand in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. And yes, I did appreciate Salman's efforts to dance like Prabhu Deva and over-acting and all that.

    Belated happy dussera to you too!