Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another day, another thought

There are times when I start thinking about everything in perspective – what I am doing and why I’m doing it, its relevance in my entire life, is it the way I would like my life to go on. One day is no way different than the other day.

And then there are times, when I feel so happy and exhilarated, sometimes with hubby and sometimes while with friends; I just want to pause the moment and capture it fully into my heart. It becomes a moment forever. You know this moment will never come again. I mean life will move on, there will be different moments and may be happier ones, but that one small, beautiful moment will become a part of memories.

I hope I am making sense!

Frankly, every day has its share of accomplishments and disappointments. I’m still struggling to get back to exercising. I am still trying to organize my life better. Good thing is in last couple of days, I have improved quite a lot in my driving. I take every opportunity to hit the road because driving is like any other thing, the more you do it, the better you get at it. I am truly happy about learning something new. Swimming is going to be next. But right now it is so breezy and cool here, I will wait for some more time.

I would also like to work on my language, the way I used to while preparing for MBA entrance exam.

There are so many things to do really, and while you are busy learning things, life is moving on!


  1. After a long time..a really long time, I came across a 'storybook' blog, meaning, a true-blue online diary where one pens down one's activities, thoughts, and feelings. And with such neatness, such clarity.

    Glad I dropped by. :-)

  2. Hey phatichar :-) (nice and unique name by the way), thanks for dropping by, and I'm truly humbled and overwhelmed at the same time with your comment.

  3. really kool! hav been following your blog for sometime now.. this one reminds me of one of my on posts.. someday, try visiting ..