Sunday, October 11, 2009

Movie Review: Wake Up Sid

Just came back from a show of Wake Up Sid. Well, mmmm I thought it would be one of those hip, cool movies. It is kind of OK but it is very, what shall I say, lukewarm.

I always thought Konkona is a good actress but increasingly she is getting type-casted as the late-20s, frustrated, finding-her-identity-kind of girl. She has become quite repetitive, even her hair and looks have become quite done to death; she really needs a different kind of role. She was good as an independent stand-alone character but then we have seen her do the same thing so many times that it gets kind-of stale. I think the director really should have casted somebody else, to make it look fresh.

So, what I loved about the movie?

  • Ranbir was good. He is slowly converting me into a fan. I have never really liked him. People thought he was cute, but I always thought the opposite but in this movie, he certainly looked cute J
  • I loooooooooooooooooooved Konkona’s apartment…it was fabulous
  • Design Temple has done some fabulous job in Publicity designs and these guys are really good. I have read about them and have been through their website earlier. Really cool Indian designs.
  • There were so many similarities I found in Konkona's character and me - like her cosy home (I like to believe that mine is too), her love for books, her ambition to become a writer and most importantly, the way she gets irritated to find her home in mess after coming back from office.
  • I absolutely love the song “Iktara”
  • I liked the theme of the movie, the way story progressed

What it lacked!

  • A high point – there was no “the moment” in the movie. And in any case, you already know what’s going to happen! It needed a certain amount of innovation.
  • It was way longer than required
  • There were some unwanted characters in the movie, floating around. There were some moments which could have been edited. The director certainly wasted important screen timing in all these.
  • The ending was totally filmy and not required, could have been handled differently.

People, don’t let me dissuade you (some critics have given it 4 stars)! Go and decide for yourself. I will give it say 2.5 - 3 stars out of 5 because it is an average movie. It is not a ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, and I have not seen ‘Lakshya’ so cannot comment on that but it surely falls in that genre.


  1. I think the things u liked in the movie, i liked them too... but i think it was my need for th hour that at that point of tym i really needed a movie like that-simple, plain, so dint really disliked anythin...

  2. Yes I realise that too, it is really your state of mind that makes you like or dislike a movie!
    You were missing for sometime?

  3. I totally agree with you !!!

    The movie wasn't bad but wasn't great either!!

    I have always been an RK fan and he looks superr cute in this flick :))

  4. I guess the movie was boring! Don't understand how ppl rated it 4 stars and all! There was nothing new the movie. Same old crap!

    But Iktara is awesome! :)