About Me

I started this blog, in 2004, when I came across an article about web log or 'Blog' which was supposed to be an online diary of sorts. The writer in me was intrigued. And since then, I have had phases of activities on this blog but never abandoned because 'most of my life is here'. It is fun to read old posts and re-discover the old times.

I quit my Marketing Communication job (a rather good one) because I felt it was not my calling. I did not want to spend the rest of my life waiting for the weekends. A working professional spends most of her waking hours on the job, so it should be the one that she loves. With nursing dreams of a career in writing, I put in my papers. But as someone said 'life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans'. I discovered that I was expecting. So, that called for change of plans.

I believe in giving 100% to everything I take up, motherhood wasn't going to be any different. So, not working actually turned into a blessing because I never had guilt pangs or worries of leaving a child behind. I saw this as an opportunity to focus on raising our baby, and read and write in all my free time. 

Now around 2 years later, I am a privileged stay-at-home-mom to our son. I read a lot about parenting and implement quite a few of my learnings. I am also a freelance writer (read some of my posts here) and a voracious reader (read my book reviews here and find my book list here). 

As my little one learns new things every day, I am also taking baby steps towards a career in writing. I am open to exciting opportunities in writing or anything that integrates writing with creativity. 

Creativity for me is a way of life, expressed in setting up a warm home, creating specialized gifts for loved ones or writing. I love doing up interiors and I am always on the look out for interesting, kitschy products for home.

Well, that's the short-story of my life.

You may write to me at reemasahay[at]gmail[dot]com


  1. It's a really good feeling when you realise that being a stay at home mom is your calling :)

    1. Being a stay-at-home mom was what I preferred over the job I was doing or some such other job. Twenty years down the line, I should be proud and satisfied with what I did with my life. However, my true calling is writing. Still finding feet on that one.
      I am curious about your lifestyle choices and will definitely drop in to know more.

  2. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Wow! never you that you had another blog...am ear marking this one too! Folks like you motivate people like me, who wanna do other things but never seem to take that plunge!

    1. Thank you so much Shweta. I am glad you like it. I have seen your blog. It is beautiful and multi-faceted. Why you need more inspiration? Keep going girl :-)