Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mark Twain said......

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Friday, July 16, 2004

Love is a Binding Vine!

Reading being my, I recently finished a book called THE BINDING VINE by Shashi Deshpande. And I must say it was truly remarkable!It was so real!It is the narrative of an intelligent, sharp-tongued woman who laments the death of her daughter. She comes across the story of her mother-in-law who was raped in her marriage, and again she comes across a young girl who was also raped!The whole novel consists of her trying to understand the mental state of her mother-in-law when she goes through such horror!She tries to dwell into the psyche of both the women and tries to visualise the circumstances.It is a WONDERFUL book!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I want to be.......

This is what we discussed today in Business Ethics.I said I want to be a CEO after 6-7 years.Sir said whoever wants to be a CEO, he becomes one first.How?Well, in everything what he does, he does it like a CEO!
Welcome to the world of Passion.
This prompted me to think of my own Passion...think!!!!Just imagine having to think of Passion.Arre, if it is a Passion, I would sleep with it, wake up with it!But what to do,I have got so used to doing things that I should be doing, that I no longer remember what is my Passion!
I remember as a little girl I used to love painting but I was a good imitator, nothing original...I also remember words mesmerised me, so I wanted to get a command over atleast one language so that I could express myself well...I remember reading novels, amazed by what beautiful picture words create.
Words are Magic.Yes, it still is!But the zest to write is too subdued now!
I want my Passion back for I want to live. Passion!

If I had to leave you,
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If ever, I had to leave you,

How would I?

Knowing you are there

just around some corner,

beneath this very sky,

And still remember you never,

How would I?

If I had to leave you,

Knowing there’d be

no tomorrows,

to hold onto,

no yesterdays,

to cling to,

only a vacuum in life,

Tell me, How would I?

How would I ever leave you

with pangs of gnawing memories,

scar of unfulfilled love,

to haunt you forever?

How would I live,

Knowing, killing pains

multiply, thrive,

in your tender heart?

Tell me,

How would I live apart?

But still if,

If I had to leave you

I’d wish it to be

that rather you leave me!!!


In thinking of you…..

there’s immense joy,

there’s tremendous pain,

thousands of memories,

and moments, worth living again!

When I think of you….

I miss crazy gossips

of many-a-sleepless nights,

I miss not having to make sense

all the time,

I miss pretending to sleep

while you chatter no end,

I miss throwing tantrums

and still being pampered,

I miss those unexplained smiles,

untold tales,

unspoken moments of togetherness,

I miss holding your hand

and saying nothing at all,

I miss sharing jokes, crushes and

endless cups of coffee,

I miss a shoulder to cry on

and I miss being

happy and sad together….

I miss all that

and much, much more….

For today, I just survive!

For today, I miss being alive!

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Indian Values

This is a warning
I am going to make a mockery of Indian Values, question it and abuse it!
What are Indian Values?Basically, I call it hypocrisy or double standards!Let us start from our beliefs and practises about Marriage. What is Marriage?Why do we marry, first of all? Is it not for a life-partner?Someone who would shoulder the burden of life with you. To get a companionship and compatibility.Who do we want to get married to?Someone who cares for me.......... someone who believes in me, trusts me, identifies with my ambitions, encourages me, supports me....someone who is a pillar of strength where I would take shelter when life is tough....someone who encourages me, is always there, understands me,accepts me for what I am!
Now let me throw light on usual practise of Arranged Marriage.You don't know the other person you gonna marry. You have met a couple of times with your families, or may be gone out once or twice together.You might have talked with him/her for hours.You know how much salary he draws.You know his family's status.
Now compare both the things---what you want and what you get!In India, parents "dream"(???) of marrying of their sons and daughters, and if the son or the daughter finds a match for himself/herself, it leads to a great melodrama!The parents accuse the son of ditching them, of not fulfilling his duty, and what not!
The bottonline of such issue is--If you marry according to my wish you are a good son/daughter, otherwise you are a traitor!

Poetic pursuits.......

Tell Me why?

Tell me why?
Only once I live,
but a million times I die,
Tell me why?

Tell me why?
Millions of stars on the horizon,
but not one for my sky,
Tell me why?

Tell me why?
Joys are ephemeral,
but the wounds multiply,
Tell me why?

Tell me why?
Life creates boundaries,
but the heart does not comply,
Tell me why?

Friday, July 09, 2004

I just..........

I wanna shout to the world that I just came alivein the Blog world!