Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I want to be.......

This is what we discussed today in Business Ethics.I said I want to be a CEO after 6-7 years.Sir said whoever wants to be a CEO, he becomes one first.How?Well, in everything what he does, he does it like a CEO!
Welcome to the world of Passion.
This prompted me to think of my own Passion...think of...my...own...passion!!!!Just imagine having to think of Passion.Arre, if it is a Passion, I would sleep with it, wake up with it!But what to do,I have got so used to doing things that I should be doing, that I no longer remember what is my Passion!
I remember as a little girl I used to love painting but I was a good imitator, nothing original...I also remember words mesmerised me, so I wanted to get a command over atleast one language so that I could express myself well...I remember reading novels, amazed by what beautiful picture words create.
Words are Magic.Yes, it still is!But the zest to write is too subdued now!
I want my Passion back for I want to live.

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