Saturday, July 10, 2004

Indian Values

This is a warning
I am going to make a mockery of Indian Values, question it and abuse it!
What are Indian Values?Basically, I call it hypocrisy or double standards!Let us start from our beliefs and practises about Marriage. What is Marriage?Why do we marry, first of all? Is it not for a life-partner?Someone who would shoulder the burden of life with you. To get a companionship and compatibility.Who do we want to get married to?Someone who cares for me.......... someone who believes in me, trusts me, identifies with my ambitions, encourages me, supports me....someone who is a pillar of strength where I would take shelter when life is tough....someone who encourages me, is always there, understands me,accepts me for what I am!
Now let me throw light on usual practise of Arranged Marriage.You don't know the other person you gonna marry. You have met a couple of times with your families, or may be gone out once or twice together.You might have talked with him/her for hours.You know how much salary he draws.You know his family's status.
Now compare both the things---what you want and what you get!In India, parents "dream"(???) of marrying of their sons and daughters, and if the son or the daughter finds a match for himself/herself, it leads to a great melodrama!The parents accuse the son of ditching them, of not fulfilling his duty, and what not!
The bottonline of such issue is--If you marry according to my wish you are a good son/daughter, otherwise you are a traitor!

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  1. :)... so r u a traitor? ;)

    Also why do we expect so many things in marriage?