Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Poetry....my Passion!

If I had to leave you,
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If ever, I had to leave you,

How would I?

Knowing you are there

just around some corner,

beneath this very sky,

And still remember you never,

How would I?

If I had to leave you,

Knowing there’d be

no tomorrows,

to hold onto,

no yesterdays,

to cling to,

only a vacuum in life,

Tell me, How would I?

How would I ever leave you

with pangs of gnawing memories,

scar of unfulfilled love,

to haunt you forever?

How would I live,

Knowing, killing pains

multiply, thrive,

in your tender heart?

Tell me,

How would I live apart?

But still if,

If I had to leave you

I’d wish it to be

that rather you leave me!!!


In thinking of you…..

there’s immense joy,

there’s tremendous pain,

thousands of memories,

and moments, worth living again!

When I think of you….

I miss crazy gossips

of many-a-sleepless nights,

I miss not having to make sense

all the time,

I miss pretending to sleep

while you chatter no end,

I miss throwing tantrums

and still being pampered,

I miss those unexplained smiles,

untold tales,

unspoken moments of togetherness,

I miss holding your hand

and saying nothing at all,

I miss sharing jokes, crushes and

endless cups of coffee,

I miss a shoulder to cry on

and I miss being

happy and sad together….

I miss all that

and much, much more….

For today, I just survive!

For today, I miss being alive!

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