Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Weekend that was!

I had a rocking weekend. What did I do? Just cleaned the house. I have felt this several times that cleaning for me is somewhat therapeutical. The satisfaction, which I get after cleaning, is amazing! It is similar to the feeling of creating something! I love re-organising things as well, I love the process of creation.
Earlier I used to make a lot of cards for birthdays or even in general. I also used to make a lot of Collage, but not any more. Collage does not excite me anymore. But I plan to make a different kind of collage now. I want to gift my mum & dad a collection of our old photographs with anecdotes; I hope I will be able to gift that on their anniversary, which is on 17th May.
Day before yesterday, I was looking at some old photographs of my childhood. There’s a picture of me with my mum. I felt so lonely at that moment. I felt what am I doing here! Why have I wasted so many years staying away from my parents! Suddenly I realized, they would not be there forever with me. Why am I not spending more time with them. Parents are very special people, no matter what you do or even what you do to them; they will always be there. Always! There is a sense of comfort and security in parents. Nobody else can give that much of comfort and security, no other relationship. Because all other relationships are the ones, which we cultivate; the relationship with our parents are natural! Whenever I see old pictures, I start crying, for the loss of those old days. I am very happy with my present but time is something, which you cannot stop, which is why it is so precious. That made me realize what am I doing with the time, which I have in my hands now! Why do we waste so much time in fighting and useless competition to earn more than our peer groups and hoard more and more assets! Do we ever logically think about what are we doing! And if it is at all required to do that.
Coming back to my weekend, well it was all about quality time at home. All of us got together and cooked a lot of things, and had a feast in the evening. We had Paani Puri, Cakes and Dhokla. Then we went for a stroll and talked leisurely, which is a rare occasion. I have also realized that in our daily lives, we are so much in hurry of doing several things that we do not talk much, as in not really have a conversation, where you need to think and open up.
Another good thing was we played badminton as well. If you are following something to achieve something, it is better that you do not lose continuity. And I have decided that I have to play at least 5 days a week. So getting up early (8 am on Sunday is definitely early) really made many things possible.

The best thing about being in Pune is that you do not dread Mondays so much, or may be depends upon what kind of work you do! Because I have seen my friends in Sales fearing about Mondays. I really have my sympathies with them; it is really unimaginable for me to roam around the length and breadth of the city throughout the day and come back to crunch numbers or do backend jobs. First of all, riding for 70-80 kms in a day is dreadful for me.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Write Corner

I have always believed that I write well. People around me also have felt that way. I know I enjoy Writing as an activity. Some day I would like to write a book, but I have no story to tell. There is nothing which I want to share, I just like writing. Perhaps I could be a good Editor, making people say things in a better way, polishing the stories, which others want to narrate! It is at least good that I am in Communication. I was in Advertising but I am not cut out for one-liners, I guess; I am more into stories! Here, I get opportunity to write, even if it is a letter, I think it requires expertise to draft a good letter. Being in Communication, I am polishing my skills. Someday I would like to do a course in creative writing. Perhaps it is too tough to let go a nice job and try fulfilling your dreams. It definitely makes sense when you know what you want to do. It would not be new for me to do that. I quit my previous job because I badly wanted to be in Pune. I was not living in Mumbai; I was counting days and months! I knew this opportunity was just right to move on. And I just quit without getting offer letter from my current company. I know it sounds whimsical and very daring, but in reality it was the only hope I had!
At this point of life, everything has become routine, there is nothing much which I want more! I love this stage but still I want something to live for, a passion in life! I have also started enjoying doing up interiors. This idea has born because we recently booked a place, I would like to build a dream home. I think I am fairly good in Aesthetics and Colour sense. I understand balance. So I know I can do it.
Coming back to writing. Of late, I am writing very little and reading even less. My problem is that I am an idealist. I want to do everything, which is not humanely possible or requires better Time Management. I am already fighting a losing battle with rising early in the morning. But I know I can do better.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little wishes

There was a time when I used to visit temples; I used to open a long list of what I want from God. But when I go now, I do not ask for much. In fact, nothing but just the general stuff like keep everyone healthy and happy. I am happy that I am at that point of life where I do not have unaccomplished dreams. I am not ambitious. Everyone wants a Merc to drive, a Villa to live in, an ideal family who do want you want them to do, but we don’t really want them. In other words, these things are great if we could have them, but otherwise also life is pretty good! What do I want from life?
I want a loving husband who cares for me and loves me immensely for who I am. He should understand that I am not perfect. In fact, far from perfect! But that is what defines a personality. I wan him to be there for him as well for anything in life and at any point in life. Isn’t that the essence of love? I want him to treat me as his equal. I understand the basic need of a man to feel slightly superior to women. I do not blame them. That is how he world has taught him to be! It cannot go overnight. I would let him enjoy that benefit once in a while. Well, that also proves how magnanimous women are!
I want to take care of my parents and in future, I would similarly want to take best care of my in-laws, because there is no greater strength than love of your parents, the sense of security, which you have in knowing that no matter what happens you can always turn to them any time any where. They are the reason what we are now. If we feel good about ourselves because our parents made us that way.
I want a great life and wife (that too!) for my brother. Words cannot define how good and great he is! In A subconscious way I have always idolized him. When we were kids, we used to fight a lot but since my bro had to stay out of home for higher studies, right after his Class 10th, we have grown more fond of each other. The reason being that we did not stay with each other for too long. But he is the best brother anyone could wish for—loving, witty & dependable.
I want beautiful and independent children, who get right values in life and make their own destiny. Although it is too early but sometimes I think how difficult it is to be a parent, to guide a life and make her understand what is right and what is wrong. You always want best for your child and what her to lead a secure life. I want my child to understand the intricacies of life and not be judgmental about people.
I want a beautiful home, a place where my family loves coming back to, a place where I feel relaxed and secure. It does not matter if it small but it should be spic & span and so beautiful that people should get awe-struck on seeing it.

Healthy & Happy

Ahh! Much to my dismay & disappointment, I have also joined the bandwagon to lose weight. Yeah, that is the only thing on my mind these days—How to Lose Weight! My target is my birthday. So I have about one and a half months to achieve my target.
To begin with I have started cutting down on oil, potatoes, rice and sugar intake. The logic is if you cut down on intake, your exercises will start working on your existing fat.
I start my day with a glass of luke warm water with lemon & honey. Breakfast is normally, Poha or Upma but I want to have Corn Flakes for atleast 2-3 days in a week and eggs for 2 days and for the rest, I guess, Poha or Upma are OK, because they are also recommended by dieticians even on weight loss programs. Lunch is still a matter of concern because earlier I used to get Dabba, but now it has stopped and I’m managing by eating out or going home for food or sometimes not eating at all. But is is not a good practise. I have heard that one should “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper”. But how many of us really follow that. I am also bidding goodbye to Pizza, Chocolates and Junk Food. I am incorporating more of Curd, Green vegetables and fruits. I know it works.
Another good thing which I already do is play badminton for atleast an hour in the evening. It is really a good exercise. So to just put it in a nutshell, I should continue following things to achieve my target:
·Avoid Sugar, Oily & Junk Food
·Play Badminton for 1 hour at least 5 days a week
·Take stairs instead of Lift
·Drink lots of water
·Say No to food when I am not hungry

And I definitely need to do following things to get slim-trim and healthy by my birthday:
·Get up early in the morning
·Do half an hour of Yoga at least 5 days a week in the morning
·Do at least 30-45 minutes of Gym early morning
·Eat a healthy Breakfast
·Get Lunch from home
·Eat by 9 pm at night
·Sleep by 11.30 pm
·Drink at least 4 liters of water daily
·Be Happy

There cannot be anything more one can do without killing oneself and one’s lifestyle. I am not obsessed about losing weight because I am not fat, I am just 50 kg. It is just that I want to get a little lighter, probably not lose that much weight but get toned and energetic. And most importantly have a balanced and proportionate body. When you are healthy, you are happy! Isn’t it?