Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little wishes

There was a time when I used to visit temples; I used to open a long list of what I want from God. But when I go now, I do not ask for much. In fact, nothing but just the general stuff like keep everyone healthy and happy. I am happy that I am at that point of life where I do not have unaccomplished dreams. I am not ambitious. Everyone wants a Merc to drive, a Villa to live in, an ideal family who do want you want them to do, but we don’t really want them. In other words, these things are great if we could have them, but otherwise also life is pretty good! What do I want from life?
I want a loving husband who cares for me and loves me immensely for who I am. He should understand that I am not perfect. In fact, far from perfect! But that is what defines a personality. I wan him to be there for him as well for anything in life and at any point in life. Isn’t that the essence of love? I want him to treat me as his equal. I understand the basic need of a man to feel slightly superior to women. I do not blame them. That is how he world has taught him to be! It cannot go overnight. I would let him enjoy that benefit once in a while. Well, that also proves how magnanimous women are!
I want to take care of my parents and in future, I would similarly want to take best care of my in-laws, because there is no greater strength than love of your parents, the sense of security, which you have in knowing that no matter what happens you can always turn to them any time any where. They are the reason what we are now. If we feel good about ourselves because our parents made us that way.
I want a great life and wife (that too!) for my brother. Words cannot define how good and great he is! In A subconscious way I have always idolized him. When we were kids, we used to fight a lot but since my bro had to stay out of home for higher studies, right after his Class 10th, we have grown more fond of each other. The reason being that we did not stay with each other for too long. But he is the best brother anyone could wish for—loving, witty & dependable.
I want beautiful and independent children, who get right values in life and make their own destiny. Although it is too early but sometimes I think how difficult it is to be a parent, to guide a life and make her understand what is right and what is wrong. You always want best for your child and what her to lead a secure life. I want my child to understand the intricacies of life and not be judgmental about people.
I want a beautiful home, a place where my family loves coming back to, a place where I feel relaxed and secure. It does not matter if it small but it should be spic & span and so beautiful that people should get awe-struck on seeing it.


  1. One should not love you for what you are!
    One should love you for what he is, when he is with you, when he thinks about you...

  2. Dear Penandpaper,
    You seem to be a lovely person and I sincerely wish that you get all that you wished for in this post.
    These days when I visit any temple, I don't feel like asking for anything except that everyone around me should be happy and also forgiveness, cause to err is human.
    I understand the need for a woman to ask for all that you asked/wished. And it is truly our magnanimity that brings out the little boys that men really are from inside.
    All I hope is that your ideas towards matrimony and life in general gather a more stronger perspective over the next few years, before it happens! :-)
    Good luck !

    Dear Rupesh,
    A guy might love a woman for what she is, when she is with him and when he thinks about her.. This is how guys feel in the beginning of a relationship.But over the years that changes. So what is important to understand is that what the woman actually wants and as you know dear, it is important to grant that simple little wish, cause after all she leaves behind everything, her family, her old life.. she even takes on a new name, just for the sake of the person she loves.Understanding women is an art and requires honing over the years and no, it is not at all difficult as most men term it to be. It just requires attention and time.
    Good luck !