Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Weekend that was!

I had a rocking weekend. What did I do? Just cleaned the house. I have felt this several times that cleaning for me is somewhat therapeutical. The satisfaction, which I get after cleaning, is amazing! It is similar to the feeling of creating something! I love re-organising things as well, I love the process of creation.
Earlier I used to make a lot of cards for birthdays or even in general. I also used to make a lot of Collage, but not any more. Collage does not excite me anymore. But I plan to make a different kind of collage now. I want to gift my mum & dad a collection of our old photographs with anecdotes; I hope I will be able to gift that on their anniversary, which is on 17th May.
Day before yesterday, I was looking at some old photographs of my childhood. There’s a picture of me with my mum. I felt so lonely at that moment. I felt what am I doing here! Why have I wasted so many years staying away from my parents! Suddenly I realized, they would not be there forever with me. Why am I not spending more time with them. Parents are very special people, no matter what you do or even what you do to them; they will always be there. Always! There is a sense of comfort and security in parents. Nobody else can give that much of comfort and security, no other relationship. Because all other relationships are the ones, which we cultivate; the relationship with our parents are natural! Whenever I see old pictures, I start crying, for the loss of those old days. I am very happy with my present but time is something, which you cannot stop, which is why it is so precious. That made me realize what am I doing with the time, which I have in my hands now! Why do we waste so much time in fighting and useless competition to earn more than our peer groups and hoard more and more assets! Do we ever logically think about what are we doing! And if it is at all required to do that.
Coming back to my weekend, well it was all about quality time at home. All of us got together and cooked a lot of things, and had a feast in the evening. We had Paani Puri, Cakes and Dhokla. Then we went for a stroll and talked leisurely, which is a rare occasion. I have also realized that in our daily lives, we are so much in hurry of doing several things that we do not talk much, as in not really have a conversation, where you need to think and open up.
Another good thing was we played badminton as well. If you are following something to achieve something, it is better that you do not lose continuity. And I have decided that I have to play at least 5 days a week. So getting up early (8 am on Sunday is definitely early) really made many things possible.

The best thing about being in Pune is that you do not dread Mondays so much, or may be depends upon what kind of work you do! Because I have seen my friends in Sales fearing about Mondays. I really have my sympathies with them; it is really unimaginable for me to roam around the length and breadth of the city throughout the day and come back to crunch numbers or do backend jobs. First of all, riding for 70-80 kms in a day is dreadful for me.

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  1. Even I learned from life that parents are the only one who stand beside you at odd times...