Thursday, May 24, 2007

Treat yourself to some Bheja Fry

If you have not already seen Bheja Fry, then you must. I am sure only recommendation would not be enough so let me fight my case with 10 reasons why you must watch this obscure movie with a bunch of TV and theatre actors:

Watch it for its non-Govinda style, non-Johny Lever style, non-Great Laughter Challenge style comedy; in short, its refreshing comedy; something which none of us have seen on Indian diaspora for a long time.

Watch it for its simplicity, almost like a Play. The story hardly goes beyond one room but you never seem to notice this. We really do not feel great about seeing heavily paid actors dancing on the streets of London and beautiful locales of Switzerland and New Zealand like teeny-boppers.

Watch it for its unconventional and interesting storyline. The story just revolves around an evening but I have yet to come across a person who thought it was mundane.

Watch it to prove a point that a good movie need not have an ostentatious budget. Last heard, this movie has been made on a tight budget of 50-55 lakhs, it still stands much ahead of those over-budget and overrated movies by Johars and Chopras, who give least thought to the freshness of concept and make us fool by showing same stories with same star cast and even same locations but, mind you, with a different and more elaborate name.

Watch it for its casting, especially Vinay Pathak. He is really good, guys! I am sure all of us have noticed him in Khosla ka Ghosla as well. Even Milind Soman looks like having a blast, and of course, you cannot miss Ranvir Shorey.

Watch it for its well-defined characters, and the thought gone behind characterization of each and every person in the movie. You cannot miss the detailing in the characterization of the lead characters, unlike our so-called “big” movies where even shoes in one scene does not match in the consecutive scenes (and I am not even talking about songs!)

Watch it for the length of this movie. It is a story well said in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Quite short for Indian standards, so you could catch it even on a weekday.

Watch it because I am sure you would like to keep it for your home library.

Watch it with your family because it is a comedy but surprisingly it is not vulgar. They really make very few movies these days where you could have fun with your entire family without any embarrassment.

And finally, watch it for the effort in giving something different to the intelligent audience (read us)

Disclaimer: I am not even remotely related to the producer, director or the actors of this film. But I would hate it if this movie flops, as several good movies do. It really deserves to be a super hit.

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