Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Three movies in one Evening

We watched 3 movies yesterday- back to back, and they are all comedies. Here’re the quick reviews:

Bheja Fry 2
I wanted to watch this movie since the time I read that there is a sequel to Bheja Fry. I had absolutely loved the 1st one, so despite the mixed reviews, I went for it. First of all, sequels are tricky issues. When one makes a movie, he does not visualize a sequel. It is only after the movie works, do people think about cashing in on the plot. AlSo, sequels have to live upto a lot of expectations. I think Bheja Fry 2 did fairly well. I was not too keen about any romantic angle for “Bharat Bhushan”. Such angles usually end up looking forced or not funny after a while. Thankfully, the movie does not dwell too much into it. It is more of the situational fun and Bharat Bhushan’s idiosyncrasies.

Vinay Pathak has done a good job as the lovable idiot. His scenes with Suresh Menon are hilarious. Kay Kay Menon is okay, while Amol Gupte seems a little over-the-top, but over all, the movie does entertain. I liked the movie but I loved the first one better.

Kucch Luv Jaisaa
The trailors promised an interesting premise of how love fizzles out after a while in marriage, and you start taking each other for granted. But unfortunately, the movie does not take off well from the premise. Shefali Shah and Rahul Bose make an unlikely pair but most of the time you end up feeling that Bose does not fit the character well. Shefali plays a married woman who has been so wound up in her life around husband, kids and home that she has no life of her own. When husband and kids get too busy in their daily routine, she feels neglected and unwanted. On her birthday, which neither her husband nor her kids remember, she decides to go out and have fun, do things which would not be expected of her. So she goes for a makeover, buys a car and follows a stranger around the city.

I would say I did not like the movie much. It did not have any high moments. It was a very thanda-kind of movie.

Chalo Dilli
Thankfully we watched this movie last, so the boredom of watching KLJ waned at the end. Though this movie also got mixed reviews, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Vinay Pathak does a fabulous job again. But then, these are the characters which he can play with his eyes closed now – lovable, over-the-top, good samaratin! Lara Dutta (the sophisticated, corporate woman) and Vinay Pathak (the motor-mouth, over-the-top businessman) become unlikely travel companions by the turn of events, and the movie charts the ups and downs of their journey together to Delhi. It is basically, Vinay Pathak who entertains you throughout the movie with his antics, while Lara Dutta has also done a decent job. Everyone in the support cast is good, only Yana Gupta's item song looked a little forced.

I totally recommend this one for a relaxed, weekend afternoon timepass.      

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fox History & Traveller’s What’s with Indian Men

There is a fixed set of channels that I surf on TV – Star World, Zee Café, Movie Channels and English News Channels (the font size, vocabulary and background music of Hindi News Channels don’t suit my sensibilities). It is only by chance that I landed on Fox History & Traveller, and I was pleasantly surprised to catch this new Travel show that goes on to explore what is it with “Indian Men”. Hosted by actress Sugandha Garg and model Indrani Dasgupta, the programme is breezy, fun and entertaining. I have seen the Delhi episode and the Goa one. 

In the Delhi episode, when Sugandha asks a Delhi guy what is it that makes Delhi men more aggressive than men anywhere else in India. He said it has something to do with the “butter chicken”! He goes on to add that as you go further north to Punjab, the quality of “butter chicken” improves and so does the aggression of men. While you see they don’t make such good “butter chicken” in South or in Mumbai, for that matter. Well, that was one smart and witty answer.

Next show is on Jaipur.Catch the show timings here

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