Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Week Ahead!

I am a comparatively early riser. My day begins normally at 7 am.I like to go out at that time, and get paper and bread etc for breakfast. I come back, get bath, do Puja, then make a quick breakfast and settle with a novel or the day's newspaper. I plan at that time what needs to be done in the day, and I am so used to planning that if I don't I feel something is amiss. Although it is a good exercise yet I think I make unrealistic plans, so it does not turn out the way I plan but the main thing is that I don't forget something important, which I don't because of my schedule.
I am still on a schedule. And my internet deadline finishes at 20 mins from now.
What I wanted to write here is about the week. What I would be doing this week! Since the next week I am leaving for my home, where I would not be connected.
This week I have 2 assignments and 1 case study to submit.
Besides I am going to increase my speed of reading manyfold. I want to finish lots before I leave.

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