Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Before I am Gone....

On 3rd November, I am leaving for home. So no posts until I come back!!!
But there's time to go, and much to write before I go!!!
Well, anyways, this is a crucial time for me, and for everyone else. Because when we come back, it would be placements time. So whatever we gonna do, we have to do during these 20 or so days!
I want to build my website but things are not really materialising. First thing is that I don't know anything about coding. So it is really difficult doing that singlehandedly!Of course, my much more computer-savvy brother, who happens to be a Project Leader in a software firm, would help me. But how much can I really expect from him when he is sitting in US. And anyways, I think I should do it myself. These 20 days could have been excellent to do that but alas, there's no internet back home!

Today I finished with The Street Lawyer by John Grisham. It was a good one except for a little filmy-ishtyle ending and some other sequences. I find Sidney Sheldon really filmy. My all time favourite remains Man, Woman and Child by Erich Segal.
I never felt Love Story was as good. And also I could not ever understand why Pride & Prejudice became such a huge hit??!!
But then all of us have individual opinions, which others might not accept. Right?
Catch u later. I guess, I can write one more post before I bid u good bye!!!

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