Friday, September 10, 2004


The first thing on everybody's mind is Placements!!!Mine too!But surprisingly, I am not worried, like others.
My institute does not believe in advertising, and it has stood by its values through all seasons. I think it is really commendable, considering the fact that there is a Management institute in every nook and corner, and each one advertises obscenly to attract more students and companies!Sad, it might sound, but truely, education has become a booming industry.
Some of us get frustated and abuse the IMDR that it is playing with our careers, blah...blah...blah!But what is really beyond my comprehension is that why campus placements is the only way of getting a job? There are several wonderful jobs out there, and people need you! In any case, no company pays you out of charity, it needs you!Why do we always underestimate ourselves???

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