Sunday, August 15, 2004

Women all the way!

I started a project with LIJJAT Papad, a women's co-operative. It is an all-women organisation barring a few male employees. One of the important things to note here is that all the 40,000 women from across the country who work with the organisation (called Bhagini)are owners of the organisation. Each of them have veto power. No man can be an owner of this organisation.They get a 5kg, 7 kg, etc dough each day which they make into papad and bring the next day. The next day papads are weighed and the women are paid their 'Mehnatana'. There is 1-2 Sanchalikas in each of the 63 branches who are responsible for the supervision of the work done. The dough is made with the help of machine and then 6-7 women pound it.The Sanchalika gets only Rs 50 more than the others.
As it is said that two women cannot be the best of friends but at LIJJAT nobody bitches about the other. There is no comparisons and no competition.
Usually, the entire neighbourhood of women are selected because papad is anyways made with the help of others.
Secondly, the orders are collected from the distributors and within 4 days, they receive the required papads.
So as they say there is no Male Chauvinism in this organisation atleast!
Women Power!!!

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