Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Friends Forever

Yesterday was Friendship Day! Since last 2-3 days, I had been feeling very down. Life seemed so dull.I missed my room-mate, my best friend very much!
I remembered the wonderful times we had together!How we used to share life's li'l experiences, life's compulsions,happiness,troubles and what not! I remember, she would religiously bring water for me in case I would have tea, because tea harms empty stomach, as I have a problem of acidity!
I remember how I used to get possessive about her, and get angry when she would not come to room for a long time and sit with others!
But she was the most uderstanding, the most accomodating; she would understand everything! She knew what was she to me and vice-versa!
She was a sweetheart, so innocent and caring!
Every Friendship Day, she would try to get up early and wish me first, but she would always fail at that!
This year I missed her a lot.This is one relation which does not loses its lustre, no matter how many seasons change!I know she would be there, and she kows I would be there too!
While I was going mad trying to reach her, she called me up on Friendship Day and, really made my Day!
I always pray that may God give her the very best in Life, because she's really worth it!