Saturday, August 14, 2004

Women wowed me!

Well, do not get me wrong!
This Sunday I happened to see the world famous (or infamous???) play 'The Vagina Monologues'. It has become a sort of talk of the town. Well, since none of my friends are so crazy as to give 200 bucks for a play! So I had to go alone!
Whenthe play started, well, it was not really a play! So when it started, I felt like this is the begining of yet something new.All the actors were amazing. And I mean every alphabet of AMAZING! I was completely bowled over!
I don't know what to comment on the play but the acting was simply awesome!Since this was the first time, I was part of something so bold and in-your-face, I really did not know how to react to their dialogues. But yes, it was really commendable in which the actors did it! The monologues were all about how 300 odd women from across the world reacted to a survey which essentially, yeah, Vagina! See I am not yet too comfortable with the word! So that was some experience!

Here's few lines to Womanhood..........
"I am a Woman,
I am the one,
I am a Woman
who has always Won."

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  1. a man is there in the spelling of woman... that's all i want to say...