Friday, September 10, 2004

In touch with me

I am a bundle of Introspections, Retrospections, and yeah,Contradictions. Like everyone else, of course!

These days all of us are talking about placements, jobs, etc,etc.I feel, and mind it, it's no gyaan, that there are lots of jobs outside the campus. OK! Let me begin this afresh.

I am doing PGDM at IMDR, Pune. Many of you would think....ok, yet another institute, at yet another corner of Pune. You might as well be thinking, what must be the situation at Pune and Bangalore, really??!!These places are being over-crowded with institutes and more institutes, and the number is just increasing in such a way that the rate would might beat our population growth rate as well!!! But jokes apart, IMDR means Institute of Management Development & Research.It has been around 30 years in Management education, and it does not believes in Advertising itself in order to attract more application forms. So forget that it would resort to several of those antics, so many of the institutes do these days in order to attract companies to come for placements!It stands by its values. Some say it is all crap! Some say the values have become outdated! I think it surely needs some integrity and strength to stand by your values. In fact, situations--good and bad--really test your values. Otherwise all of us could write great sounding words as our Values!!!

The point is why should this institute follow that suite , which all others are following. Just because it is convenient to get placed through campus? Just because campus placements come with some pride? What else?

I live in reality. I think this institute is great but I also know tht none of the kind of jobs I want would be available in campus, and that does not make this institute any less great! I know everone would say it is easier to give gyaan rather than stick to these principles! Lets c!

So the point is when I know that no matter what I do, the kind of companies I would like to join would not come for campus placements, then rather than cribbing wouldn't it be far wise move to plan things with this assumption! Only because HLLs and P&Gs do not come to my campus, my institute is inferior? I cannot buy this view!

Personal Opinion, of course!!!

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