Thursday, September 30, 2004

Deamz Unlimited

I don't know why but I have always felt this attraction for books, book shops and even magazine stalls. I like to be in the close vicinity of lots of books. I might not read all of them, as I love reading, yet there is some sort of strong pull.This has given me idea to own a chain of book shops like Crossword or Landmark but better and beyond their scope. It has to be exotic! Something which no one has ever seen! I know I would love to own such a thing!
Another of my dreams is to have my own Greeting cards company. Sometime back I used to design greeting cards myself for the B'days and Friendship days for my friends. It would start with a picture that I would be hit with while going through magazines or books. It would somehow relate to some mood or some moment that is close to me and then it would turn into a card complete with a poetry. I used to make cards mostly for my best friend as she understood the feelings that makes a mere picture in some obscure magazine into a card! It would have a poem that would be specially for her! But I have not made any card since a long time, may be soon I would get back to my love once again!
Yesterday I was discussing about The IITians by Sandipan Deb.
I remember, somewhere in the book, the author mentions that IITians do their work only when they have no other option, that is, at the last moment. But that is true with all of us. Here at IMDR, we think it is an IMDRite trait. But I guess, it is an Indian mentality or shall I say Lethargy. They do not do anything till the last moment.
It was also a new discovery for me to read about the social skills of IITians. I would rather say that I never thought about it! Imagine 400 guys and 12 girls!!!Crazy situation!
About the deadline thing----it is true everywhere in India. Women are meant to be protected and hence all sorts of absurd rules and regulations even after you reach the Age!!!At our hostel in college, the deadline was 5 pm! Anyways, there was nothing to do in any case outside, before or after the deadline!

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