Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Website

I am trying to create a decent website for myself just because I have all the accessories to, so why not!!! The link is It is still in the process of improvisation and a lot needs to be done but at least it has started off!I have to add so many photographs, but that would take some time!Actually now I am just jumping around to hunt for some good websites and then improvise.
But sometimes I really think, technology has done wonders!


  1. whooa!! the holy dip!! so do they let you change your clothes or is it in the same formal interview clothes!! had it been in delhi, the person would freeze in the kind of temps we have here :))

  2. No, we don't get time to change. In fact if nobody's on campus at the time of announcement of results. We wait for the right time, when the chosen one is in his/her best attire, for the Holy dip!!!
    But eventually, everyone wants to be there!