Sunday, December 05, 2004

Got Placed!!!

Yeah, I got placed, and that too in FCB ULKA, nothing less. When I look back at the string of things, I feel it is really a dream come true. Last year I came to know FCB visits our campus. But they take only one, and I was not sure that could be me! Since the time I joined MBA I wanted to get into advertising, but did not know how! To come to think of it, it is really difficult! PGDM from MBA and Advertising????!!! But there I was, skimming thru advertising books like FCB ULKA Brand Building, advertising, or The uncommon sense of advertising or the craft of copywriting. I must say I have worked hard, really hard!! I used to spend hours reading Economic Times, Indian Express, Business World, magazines on Advertising--Pitch, Brand Reporter and USP, and websites like & I have spent fewer hours in sleeping in Pune than what normally people spend. I have done campus reporting, poetry writing, publishing blogs and designing website. I have read endless number of pages of industry information.
And before I finish, I have reading like a crazy since a couple of days, reading Kotler in between PPTs of other companies, reading cut outs on client servicing, info on FCB Ulka.
So don't you think, I deserved this???
For now I am extremely happy and thankful to God! He gave me exactly what I asked for with all conditions fulfilled. Actually, I believe God is a little biased on my side!


  1. Congratulations!!!
    Gud to hear about this.
    I'm sure it means a lot to get placed after lots of friends have already been placed and the insecurities start cropping up in minds.
    Always keep up the positive attitude :-)

  2. I felt God was biased against you a little all these years, my little chweet sis. So he has started compensating for all that from now on. You so much deserve it, and much much more. Believe me! Keep Shining - Bhaiya

  3. cool!! so foote, cone and belding it is!! thats fcb expanded; though i guess with all the homework you did, you sure do know that. Which department there? as in creative, planning, media? will take some insider fundae from you offline sumtime :) till then, party :)

  4. Congrats! make that CONGRATS!!!
    Was slightly busy with my end sem stuff and forgot dropping by for a couple of days. Seems you have been seeing a bit too many hits lately what with all these congratulatory messages already. Including Saurabh bhaiya's!
    And you have been working like hell! Does one need to work this hard to get placed in a B-school? That's a slightly frightening prospect :)...but I suppose the end-result is well worth it.
    So how did you celebrate? And psssst...ask God to shower some good luck on me too. Don't want a job right now...just make him get me into a b-school for now. Job ka baad mein dekhenge.
    Finally, CONGRATS again!


  5. Hi Sangeet,
    I must say it is really a tough time for those who have not been placed yet because it is not that companies would not come. Rather it is just that when we see people around us getting placed with little effort, we start questioning our own capabilities and justice of the world and God.

  6. Thankx for all the good wishes guys. I have heard that at IIMs and XLRI they really make you work very hard. There has been horror stories of suicides because some people are unable to cope with the pressure. Look at the kind of people who go there. Most of them are toppers throughout their lives. But at IIMs as also at IITs, all of them are toppers from their places, so the pressure is immense. But Arnav, I think with your IIT experience, you would not have any problem there.
    By the way, after reading IITians, I came to know several things about IITians and IITs.....some enriching general knowledge.