Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Post-FCB Ulka selection

When I look back now I feel how things change in a matter of hours! How at one time, you try to get somewhere, and how in just few hours, you reach there! Life is truly amazing. But I must say one more thing. The confidence I had just before FCB came to our campus was amazing. Some how God had already indicated to me that this was my calling and my time had come! Contrary to what my brother says, I believe whatever happens, happens for good. When you don't get what you want, you complain but later on you realise that in fact that thing was not what you were meant for! For example, at some point I was crazy about NIFT but somehow I could not get through. In fact, I was the 15th one when they had to select 14 people from General category for 20 seats of Fashion Communication. At that time, I felt that I was the most unfortunate person. I realise now that I was meant to get into Advertising. Rest is all history!And I appreciate every bit of it because history has shaped my present!


  1. So all set to give Alyque Padamsee and Piyush Pandey competition?...come to think of it today's ads in general need some infusion of creativity and fresh thought, which I suppose you can manage very well if you are what you were...
    ...and how about a post here on your interview?
    Plus I don't completely agree with "when you don't get what you want, you complain but later on you realise that in fact that thing was not what you were meant for", because at times we just tend to justify our failure by citing excuses, a case of the proverbial sour grapes...on the other hand I do believe that one or two failures do not mean the end of the world and there are several opportunities for every person, and sometimes a better one come by later after missing one early on.

  2. Hi there,
    Am a first timer here. Saw ur comments on our joint blog -- 'puzzle-posers' and came here just to have a look. But saw u in exuberant mood at getting placed and hence thought of commenting. Though I don't have much of an idea about advertising, only heard of Piyush pandey, prasoon joshi and some balakrishnan, while reading BW sometimes back. Anyways, best of luck for ur job and life after that.
    Even I'm planning to my MBA next year. Took CAT and messed it up. :-) Waiting to be axed. By the way, which B-school are u in? Just curious to know where they make hard-working and determined people like u!!

  3. Ya Arnav, I just gave one perspective of things but an MBA student definitely looksforward to out-of-the-box thinking or lateral thinking or other POVs!!!

  4. Hi Suneet,
    I am with IMDR which is a sister concern of Fergusson College, Pune.It does not advertises itself and does not participate in the ranking of B-scools also. But it is still popular, both with the industry( our 100% placements is the indicator) and the candidates throughout India (none of my classmates are from Pune and only 2 from Maharashtra out of 42 people. Our website is www.imdr.edu.Check it out.