Friday, December 03, 2004

To keep your cool!

Our placements season is on. Some really good companies are coming to campus. I remember in May when election results were announced, people were so much worried after the sensex dipped. But when we look at the number of jobs those have been created this year, the opportunities seem to be plenty.
The problem is when your friends start getting placed being happy for them is one thing, and keeping your cool is another. When you are surrounded by people who are placed and are realxed, you are a little worried about your own future. I am glad this feeling has not affected me as yet! Because the kind of companies, no matter how good, which are coming into campus is not where I want to be. My priority is Advertising. And I have a feeling that I would get it.
I had never dreamt in life that I would do MBA, I always wanted to be a Fashion Designer.But later I realise Advertising is a much more creative field and it affects all of us in one way or the other. Designers are still considered for niche market(some marketing jargons!).Thus since the time I decided about MBA, I knew it has to be advertising. In fact most of the people in campus know where I want to be. I have been so voluble about my objective.
At the end of the day, I trust that
"Whatever happens, happens for good!"


  1. youve been eavesdropping on my mind or what??? Infact the scenario is also very much the same...placements and all, me not applying cos not my kind of jobs! I did my summer internship at an advertisement agency this year; just to validate my interests in this area....its not as glamourous as it may seem from outside but its just as exciting as i had thought, much more sophasticated and loaded with 'oh so very creative' people. But there is not too much money (which might eventually matter) and lots of intra and inter agency politics so appreciation may come very late despite talent.

  2. Advertising!! sounds pretty cool to me!
    a frnd of mine toook this field up after she did her MBA, and she's quite happy with it..
    and yeah, money shouldnt be tehe sole criteria for selecting a career..mayeb a job..but def not a what u really want to..and ull be really satisfied with ur work..