Friday, November 16, 2007


I read these beautiful lines somewhere. In my opinion, nothing describes the essence of Marriage more beautifully.

She is Language, He is Thought.
He is Reason, She is Sense.
She is Will, He is Wish.
He is Song, She is Note.
She is Motion, He is Wind.
He is Battle, She is Might.
She is Beauty, He is Strength.
He is Lamp, She is Light.
She is Body, He is Soul.
He is Day, She is Night.

(translated from Vishnu Purana)


  1. Thanks for this post. We used it as a reading at our wedding in 2005, and I had wondered where it came from :) My mom sent it to me but I'm not sure if she knew where it was from either.

  2. Its beautiful lady!!!
    I understand why there are no posts since the Ms turned Mrs.. Comeback to blogging soon, really missed u! :-)

  3. Hey Rani, even I miss Blogging. But you know life is still settling down, so haven't really thought about what to write. I would certainly not bore you with how the marriage went but how I felt and what it means to me. But dunno what I would write evntually. Right now, somehow time flies by, so can't figure out when to write. Still sorting out the photographs though. Soon will post on yahoogroup!
    take care