Thursday, December 27, 2007


As Monica famously said, immediately after her marriage to Chandler, in Season 7 -- “I will never be a bride again”! But here there is no regret! What is more wonderful than finding your Mr. Right and then being able to marry him? What is more fabulous than living your dreams?

I really think I got more than I expected. I got married in Noida. Imagine being brave enough to do that, despite knowing about “Dilli ki Sardi”! Besides, I thought probably half my relatives would drop out because of the far flung location. Add to that the trouble of arranging everything in an unknown place, that too in the height of Marriage season, and in a place where marriages are ostentatious and lavish!

But, well, God was on my side. Delhi temperature had not dropped by then (it touched it’s all time low, after we had all safely left the place). Almost all my close relatives made it; including my childhood friend (I never expected she would be able to attend my marriage). To top it all, my in-laws took all the pains of arranging everything. Everything was in Delhi-style, to our delight. We also relished the occasion thoroughly, because none of us had ever seen any such marriage before. Hmmm…it was grand. I loved it. Everyone where full of praises for my in-laws. Full marks to them. In fact, with so much of make up, it was even hard to recognize me!

It has yet to sink down that I am married now. Nothing has really changed, except that now I get up and make breakfast! We are still the same, may be fight a little more, which will be a lot clearer when my in-laws will return to Delhi and we will be able to fight full on. Sometimes when we fight (and I fight even on slightest of reason), I become very philosophical and think if it is a big enough reason to be filled with so much of anger on such petty issues, not even worth discussing here. That is the reason why I am quick to say Sorry also. But nevertheless, I am the one who fights more, and I have no issues accepting that. I know I am very impulsive. I am working on that. Actually, I need to get back to reading “When we are so much in Love, then why aren’t we Happy!”

Earlier all my plans used to be based around marriage! It is too soon to think in terms of long term objectives right now, but what I really want to do immediately is settle down things quickly and think about what I want to do next. Frankly and ideally speaking, I would like to have more time for myself, for family and for life. I don’t know what am I doing working like this or living like this! I wonder about that quite frequently. What is the larger picture? Where am I heading? A bigger house, a better salary, a more luxurious holiday? But is that life? I mean, I have no issues with people who live for that, but my concern is whether I want to live for those? I have yet to find out. I want to be in a job which is creatively more fulfilling, may not be more rewarding financially but there should be an inner sense of achievement and pride.

Coming back to marriage, I think marriage should bring stability in life. It means to have a companion to share your worries, discuss your problems, enjoy your happiness together and talk………yeah…talk a lot because when you talk you open a door to your inner self.

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  1. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Congratulations! Wish you and your husband every happiness for the future. Also Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. PS Did you go on honeymoon?