Friday, December 28, 2007

This and That!

I saw Jab We Met recently and I loved it. I have never seen Kareena do such a fabulous job ever before in any other movie. She even looked good. Shahid was OK but Kareena was the star of the movie; really lived her part! The song “Ye Ishq haaye, baithe bithaaye, jannat dikhaaye” is playing continuously in my head since I have seen the movie. The song is super-awesome.

Well, another year on a close. So like all Publications and all Channels, I want to think about the year gone by. It has been a good year for me. I got Married this year, so it is going to be special for the rest of my life! I had a great time at work. Actually, in retrospect, I can’t see anything going wrong, but next year I want my brother to get married and settle down. He is the greatest brother in the whole world. Really! If somebody would challenge that they have a better brother, I can take it. Because, I’m convinced, that’s not true. I will recount a moment during my marriage, when I felt tremendously proud of him. It was my “jayamala”, as usual people had lifted Gagan up (ahhh…….don’t they have any creativity!) and I was supposed to put the garland. I thought; let’s see how long you people can stay that way. But there comes my 6 feet tall brother, who lifts me up and there I put the garland easily, yeah, on air. But I still get very emotional about that moment. I wish somebody had clicked it from a distance to get the full view of the moment. It was too good.

Well, I am so glad that I have an elder brother. I would not have liked it any other way; and I would not like to change anything even if I get a chance!

Actually, I am in the middle of our annual event, which is called “Lightshow”, which is a multi-city event where we showcase our latest products to our customers. It is a huge event for us. I am just back from the morning sessions and will go back for the evening sessions in a few hours. This is the 2nd Lightshow of the Season, and the 1st one for me!

When I think about my job, I feel good that I’m doing what I like doing. Of course, there’s so much one can do, there’s absolutely no limit but in a limited time you have to give your best. I think I learned a lot here. But there’s still so much to learn! Frankly speaking, I have to learn so much more about our range of products—what we are doing and why we are doing!

Sometimes I think what is “enough”? Is there anything called “enough”? Do we ever feel that we have “enough”? Because no matter how much more you earn, your needs increase accordingly, and then that’s not enough any more. There’s always run for more and more. There’s never enough!

Coming back to movies, I am watching “Vivaah” since last 2 days. Actually, I try and watch it whenever I get time, so I’m watching it in bits and pieces. I know it is not the right way to watch a movie but it does not really matter in “Vivaah” . It is the same old sugar-sweet kind of movie from Rajshree productions, the same old “Prem-story”! I have seen half the movie, and for some strange reason, Amrita Rao has not spoken even one sentence properly. The “good-girl” she is! But she is really pretty. I totally like her. Well, the songs are nice and hummable. But when will Rajshree stop making marriage movies!

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  1. hmmm...
    even this is the last good movie I have watched. In my wishlist is: TZP.
    I too liked Kareena's character. Basically liked the concept... "do what you love" how nonsense it sounds or looks...!!