Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It is that time of the Year again

New Year is a time for New Resolutions. Yeah, I know we seldom keep our resolutions but that does not mean we give up. I think my Resolutions are going to be more or less same as the last year. As I said, 2007 is going to be a special year for me for the rest of my life.

I would really like to practice a spiritual relationship. My biggest problem is my expectations from others. In fact, a whole lot of heartaches would not happen if we stop expecting too much from others. It’s a fact that love / friendship / affection / concern for others eventually become something else. We start measuring how much we got for the love / affection we gave to others. Not done. If I love somebody, it’s me who cares for somebody, which should be independent of what the other person feels about me, right? But blame it on our up-bringing or the way we are conditioned, all relationships are evaluated on “give-and-take” basis.

I had been waiting to get married, to be able to think clearly what I want to do with my life. What next? Where do I want to be in next 3-4 years? This is the question which I keep asking myself. I remember, during our Advertising class, there was an exercise—imagine yourself on a magazine cover and then think about the caption written next to it. What would you like it to be? This is what you really want to achieve. And then plan your journey to reach that position. Amazing! Suddenly it becomes so easy and clear, isn’t it? Our problem in life is we keep fighting it out in the corporate world for better salary, for bigger Brand name; when what we actually want to do is Dance! So why not just Dance? Why do we complicate things? Besides, if you are really good in something, you would anyways make enough money. But nobody wants to take risk in life. So resolution number 2 is think about that Magazine Cover.

I have almost a library of books now and a whole lot of magazines. In fact, now a days, I am unable to find books in the Bookshop to buy, because I have got most of them. I mean, which I would like to read! I love my books. But yeah, this year, I am going to read them. I mean, I read them but not at the pace I would like to. I don’t know, it is just that I am too fond of them. And once you finish a book, it’s just gone. Ahhh…how do I explain? But anyways, let’s not be too emotional here and get on with some learning this year. Besides, my interests are not only in the content but also in the writing style since I am a budding writer.

I would like to make more time for family and create some of the best family memories for the rest of our lives. I have always felt that my mum and dad are world’s best, in every sense—the way they have brought me up, the way they are, the things that they have taught, etc—but after I got married I felt as if I’m losing a very essential part of my life. It suddenly felt too soon. The learning is not to wait too much for the right time, celebrate togetherness whenever you can. And yeah, click loads of pictures, all the time, everyday. These are memories which stay on forever with you, a proof of how you lived!

I would like to travel to all corners of India and then abroad! I have traveled to several places in India but I would like to explore the rest with more frequency. India is just amazingly beautiful. The most fascinating thing is the variety you find in India—from hills to seaside, from sand to backwaters, from tea plantations to wild life safari, whoa!

I would like to write more this year. I want to be a writer, and for a budding writer the most obvious thing to do is write, which I seldom do. I don’t have a story, I just like to analyze and narrate things. There is no tale, there are just instances of life! I plan to make it a career some day. Let’s see! I never planned to be where I am. I feel blessed that I got more than what I ever dreamt for. I narrated a beautiful story long time back. If I need to put it in one line—in the end, everything falls into place. You may not realize that when it happens but they are all there to complete your story.

I would like to invest more wisely this year. I have just started investing but I don’t know much. I think I’m intelligent enough to understand the market and basics of investment, so why not use it? If so many people can do it, why can’t I?

I would like to buy and create the most beautiful home for my family. I’m a creative at heart, I just know when things match and don’t match together. I always know what I want for my home and how to make even the worst corners of any house, beautiful and appealing. So, this year I’m going to put all my instincts into good use. I believe, a home should be a cozy and comfortable place, where one would love to come back to everyday.

This year, I want to give my best to my job, do some really good work. I want to feel proud of my work. I believe when you do something, you should leave your mark on that. I just know one thing, if you really want to do something, it is always possible!

I am going to learn something new this year, may be driving a car, anything! But chances are that’s what I would do. Driving really liberates you. It makes you feel powerful and free. It’s exhilarating and incomparably joyous. And add to that the happiness of doing something new!

And, yeah, losing weight and exercising is my everyday agenda (read resolution), so this year I’m going to be thinner and more healthy. Anyways, I’m not fat but I want to tone up and feel better about myself. I acquired several healthy habits last year, but this year what I really want to accomplish is getting up early, before the rest of the world does, to enjoy solitude and tranquility; to enjoy my own time and feel good.

So, with that I’m all set for the Year 2008. Wishing all my family and friends a more healthy, a more joyous and a better Year. May everyone be happy and content. Contentment is very important, otherwise there is never enough. If you know how to be content with what you have, you have known the essence of life!


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