Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Art of Reviewing

Well, as I have sufficiently claimed on my Blog that I’m a writer at heart. Of late, I’m trying to learn different kinds of Writing. To begin with, right now I’m on writing Reviews—Book Reviews. I have read a lot of Reviews and when I come across an interesting sounding book, I first search for Reviews.

Although I have yet to learn that art but in my opinion Book Reviews should be an individual’s perspective on the thoughts that a particular book evoked in the reader. It should be completely a reader’s perspective about how the book came across. I hate those people who go on and on about story of the book, come on, leave something for the reader. OK you might like to give a basic idea about the plot, but please do not tell the story.

Same goes for the films as well.

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  1. same thing goes for movies too.. if your friend sitting besides you... narrates what's going to be in next scene.. tells u.. "ab ye hoga.."
    so irritating...