Friday, January 04, 2008

Daily ramblings

Today, we successfully completed a month of our marriage! it’s India, and here it’s perfectly normal to complete 25-30 years of marriage. In fact, we still believe in “together-for the next seven- lives”.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to imagine that I’m married now. And add to that, we are still in my old place and the location is same, so I did not have to re-locate. It’s great in several ways, so I’m not really complaining. In fact, even though my in-laws are here, it does not feel any different than having my own parents visiting. And my husband is also very, very irritating, like his old self. Just kidding!

There are few things which I want to do before turning 30. Marriage was one of those. So, who said plans don’t work. They do; at least you will always move forward with a definite plan. Without plan, you don’t know where you want to go and what you want to achieve; so how would you know whether you have been successful!

Yesterday, my brother told me that this year the top 3 resolutions of people generally are – time management, healthy lifestyle and knowing more about investments / financial planning. Well, read my last post, I’m on the right track already. And frankly, I love resolutions, I love making “to-do” lists and planning things. I hate being not in control of things. When I have everything written down, I’m at ease that at least I know what all I have to do. Now whether it gets done or not, is a completely different issue.

Right now, I’m in the process of organizing all our pictures and put in CDs, which I want to send to my family and all our relatives. So, that’s taking a lot of time. Our video would also be ready soon. I’m waiting for it. But, I prefer snaps more than videos. Pictures freeze your moments forever, which you keep coming back to and re-live those precious moments again and again. For example, marriage pictures. They are priceless. I keep looking at them every day. Actually, I think I looked good on my marriage (thank god!), because my resolution to lose some weight failed miserably! But anyways, I’m not fat, so it did not matter.

Soon we would start shopping for our new place. I’m just waiting for that because I love shopping and I love decking up my house, though both of us have very contradicting views on everything. But, you know, either it is my way or no way!

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