Thursday, January 31, 2008

What makes you Happy!

Yesterday we had a long chat on what we want to do in life. I am happy with the way my life has turned out. I’m happy with everything about it. Broadly. But what next? I can’t be just passing each day, without thinking about where I’m going? I am like that I need to have a feel about what next?

He, on the contrary, is not looking for any unknown territory. He’s happy with life’s little, unplanned, unexpected joys—a funfilled evening, an unexpected sale, some good time with friends; it could be anything. I think that’s good too!

He made me think what would make me really happy. Honestly, seeing my name in print, as in getting an article or may be a Book published, would be my ultimate dream for now. I have always had this dream. I remember when I was in Class 8th or 9th, I had sent a letter to a youth magazine called SUN (as “letter to the editor”) and it was published as the Best Letter. It was the most momentous occasion for me till that point of my life! Then when I moved to Chennai and Bangalore for few months, I used to write a lot and had my letter published in The Hindu, The Times of India, The Indian Express, India Today, Outlook and more recently Femina. All my letters have got published, which I have ever sent. So, after seeing so many of my Letters in print, now it does not give me a high any more. Now I’m looking for something more—my own article published. But what do I write about? I don’t have a story to tell. I like giving perspective to events or things. That’s what I do here.

I have applied for Diploma in Creative Writing from IGNOU. I’m yet to receive my Acknowledgement Card. I would really like to explore this avenue and know more about writing. I have been reading novels since I was in Class 6, but now when I read, I keenly observe the writer’s style of narration and writing.

Just yesterday we were discussing about our favourite subject in our entire education. There was this course in the last Trimester of my MBA called “Individual and Indian Society”. If I have ever enjoyed any subject thoroughly, this was it! Most of the time we had to watch documentaries and write our opinion on those; or interview a slum-dweller or read a book and review it. That’s so my kind of subject. Really!

So, the underlying point is what I’m looking for right now in my life is an opportunity to write—either to find one or create it!


  1. All the best.. Felt, you just have to try... and it is waiting to happen..

  2. you know what...anything that becomes a routine.. becomes boring...pursuit of happyness is all about breaking the trend..