Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mundane & not so Mundane

Sooner or later life tends to become routine. You can’t help it. Nobody can. When something changes, either it gets exciting or rocks your world but after that phase passes; life makes a routine out of the new things developed out of changes. Yet again.
When I see a Mumbai-Pune bus, old memories come alive, how I used to commute between Mumbai & Pune! Life was literally on the fast lane. But then Mumbai does that to you. You just have to find time for everything in the time available. So you end up running against time. I know I sound like someone who really hates Mumbai. I really do! Some of my friends remember me when they think about who is the person who hates Mumbai the most!
Even going to Mumbai for a day’s trip makes old memories come alive, and I just thank God that I am not in Mumbai anymore. When somebody says that I love Mumbai! I really wonder, did I miss something which this person has experienced and enjoyed.
Recently, one of my friends called up to inform about some job opportunity there. Ha! Are you mad? I am not going to swap my life here for anything, or more correctly, I would not want a life in Mumbai for anything. Frankly, I am a little laid back person. I love working and, mind you, I am very honest towards my work; but I do not want those so-called career opportunities by putting my entire life in stake.
Just think, why do we keep running? Why there is no end to our wants? Why we are never satisfied with what we get? Eventually, what matters is—are you having a good time right now? Not later, not after one year, not after retirement, Right Now!!! If not, then what is the point I am proving to myself with the loads of money I earn? That my worth is more than my peers? This anyways is highly subjective and nobody other than yourself can ever gauge your true worth! So do we try to ascertain that I am capable of earning so much that I can buy the best gadgets in the market and blow money at whims & fancies? Well, in that case, any amount of money can never be enough to cater to whims & fancies.

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  1. Dear Penandpaper,
    I really like the new look of your blog. And I am even more happy that you are back in action. This is where you should be.
    You are very right girl! Life is about making the best of each moment. Its about going to bed each night with a smile on your face :-)
    I really dont cater to the notion of 'proving myself', if that is to be earned by slogging like an ass(literally!) and making more money. Office gives me my bread-butter.. Writing, reading and travelling is what Life is all about and why I am earning in the first place. Right? :-)