Friday, September 14, 2007

The Way Forward

Sometimes I feel totally hopeless. Where do I go from here? What next? I have a nice job for sure but I do not see a career here. May be 2 years at the most, then what next? I never planned my career. Yeah, I had a vague idea that I want to be in a creative field. I did Advertising for a year then moved on to this job. Here I do communication for my product & Company. Of course, Wipro has an entirely separate Corporate Communication group, but if we need to do any communication at our level, I do it or coordinate for it. It is a great learning experience. Right now, I am so excited about the response on my Direct Mailer, which we did for our new catalog. We have already got 10% response and its increasing day by day. Then we have gone online with the same Concept and the opportunities on web are overwhelming. There is so much one can do and we are slowly modifying our website to meet our needs. I am also setting up an Outbound Call Centre for my company, which would be followed by an Inbound Toll Free Number. I have absolutely no experience in Telecalling initiative but even nobody else has in my company, so I am learning as I do it.
My funda about a job is simple. There should be enough Learning and Excitement that you want to come back to work everyday. When that does not happen, you need to find out the reasons why it is not working out. And if the case is completely hopeless, you need to let it go. Till the time I have opportunities to learn and do something exciting, I am all for it, otherwise it is time to move on!
I always dreamt of becoming a writer. I still do. But along with writing, I have noticed an inherent knack of Editing in myself. I cannot help edit or correct whatever I read. It just comes naturally to me. I do not have to try hard. May be editing would be “The” Career for me. Who knows!

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