Sunday, April 23, 2006

Going back in time

Today I was going through my old posts. It was a great experience. Truly. It brought back all those memories back, the exhiliration of being placed in my dream company, the phase of aimlessness,the joys of reading, and lots more. I marvelled at my own written words! I wonder why have I not written any poem for so long! By the way, now my plan is to get into the arena of short stores. Let's see when and how I start.
Just now I was also thinking about my new hair cut. I am also planning for streaking my hair. Now how's that related? Well, new things! Perhaps that is what I need to do. Perhaps, after a point life gets monotonous and you just need to incorporate new things or changes to breathe a new lease of life into your daily life! If we go on doing the same things, we would get the same results. Heard that before?


  1. I still have your poems written during induction. One ends with "If ever I had to leave you, it would be rather that you leave me", something like that!

  2. Umm..those old jeans, college stairs, and memoirs are sure needed to get along! Do keep writing and let the creative current flow!