Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh Beautiful world of Romance

Lately, I am in the process of re-discovering the simple and innocent joys of Archies' and Mills & Boons! They remind me of the carefree and restless days of teenage, the mushy imagery of the world outside, the perplexity of unknown future, the infatuations, the temptations, the enormity of unimportant issues, the girlie-gossips!!! Teenage comes alive!
Mills & Boons, for the beginners, are novels with out of the world notions of romance and passion. A gullible teenage mind comes to and tends to believe in the love portrayed by those novels. But when you grow up, you understand the innocence behind it all. A typical M&B romance would have a 19-25 year old female protagonist, and a 35-5 year old male protagonist. A female contender, who would always be older than the heroine and a male admirer, who would always be younger than the hero! The heroine would always be either a secretary or a nurse or an interior decorator or the likes. While the hero most definitely would be tycoon in whatever field that suits you. The heroine would be a delicate beauty and the hero would be a tough and rugged but extremely handsome man! And they have to keep fighting and make love off and on till the "lived happily ever after" end! So, as you can see, I have cracked the code of M&B.
I read somewhere that M&B mostly has female readers and several male authors write under female pen names because believe it or not, such romantic novels are meant for and read by women, the world over. Look at me, I have read close to 200 M&Bs. Romance always takes the tension out of the window and word looks rosy-coloured. Isn't it?

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    Very true, the last line...