Friday, May 09, 2008

A whole NEW beginning

I am planning a whole new Blog on which I will recommend books which you must have on your shelf. It is more for Book Stores rather than for individuals because there would be one book almost everyday, so quite difficult for an individual to stack 365 books in a year.
I mean, I do buy books at a high rate but I don’t think others do that too. Plus my experience have been that when you go around looking for interesting books, you get the same ones in all the book shops, then why should one person go to different book shops? Of course, now launching a Book is all together a different ball game. It is marketed aggressively. Suddenly you will find the writers all over the place. Obviously, readers are not fools; they know why certain author has become omnipresent suddenly. For example, suddenly I am finding Jhumpa Lahiri everywhere, in Femina, on News Channels, in Newspapers, etc,etc. Today itself I also found Chetan Bhagat in the newspaper. Actually, he is releasing his third book tomorrow (which has also given an interesting idea for a post).
I am also very kicked about this new Blog because I will try to cover different genres, when I’m recommending books. So I would start with books that I have already read.
I am a bookoholic. I go to any and every book shop I come across to check out books. Then I do a lot of research online and offline to zero down on a book. That done, I either add it to my wish list or just buy it.
I was just thinking if this could be a career option altogether someday - recommending books to the book shop and suggesting what to stock. Then I thought of this Blog. This will automatically increase my reading because I will read and recommend. So hope I do justice to my intent.
Visit my New Blog for more details, and by the way, if I forgot to mention, this Blog continues.

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