Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just 'kid'ding!

Yesterday, my hubby was partying, so I grabbed the opportunity to chat with one of my closest friends. Don’t take me wrongly, we do have great time together, but I don’t get time normally for other things like reading or just whiling my time away. So, coming back to my friend, well, she is going through a very difficult time. Her beau’s parents are just not agreeing for their marriage, and in India, single status after a certain age, do raise eyebrows (especially for a girl). And let’s face it; the good ones are already taken by then! I could not tell her anything. I had no answer.


Sometimes I think about kids. How their life is totally in your hands; I always fear what if I did not know what to do in a particular situation. For a kid, parents are know-all, be-all. What would a parent do when the entire world is running after better scores and so-called “all-round personalities”! How do you decide what is good for your child? The other day, some of my friends, who have kids, were discussing about schools, etc. One said, “I want to put my daughter into gurukul kind of school. She should be away from such harrowing anxieties of competing and winning everything.” But then I remembered, something which another friend had said on a different occasion – “When you put your child in gurukul kind of school, away from all the competition, how will you prepare her for the eventuality. In this world, can you really stay away from it for long! Sooner or later, she will have to come to mainstream and then how will you prepare her to take this in her stride? By then she would not have known competition, wouldn’t she feel totally out of place and disconnected with all these? Besides, don’t you think she deserves similar opportunities like all her peers, and you would be denying her those if you totally cut her off from the mainstream?”


Whoa…….some words of wisdom! Well, I do agree it is a tough world.


It is funny how whenever my hubby misspells anything (he is a disaster in spellings but still wins scrabble), I tell him, our kid definitely would not be learning spellings and language from you! And he says, whatever, I just want my kid to be independent, and not look towards us for every decision she needs to take. Isn’t that what each one of us wants, but it must be so difficult to let go (especially for a control freak like me!).


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