Saturday, May 02, 2009

A wonderful life is an Award, and I have many people to Thank..........

I thank God for……..

- Not listening to me everytime I prayed for something, and did only what was right for me. Had it been my way, I would have become a scientist-cum-air-hostess-cum-architect-cum-chartered accountant-cum-fashion designer-cum-journalist-cum-copy-writer.
- For saving me everytime I take risks while driving or short-cuts that I take
- For never letting me down, on absolutely everything

I thank my Parents for………..

- Bringing me up the way they did; which I never believed in but I’m thankful that they did.
- Always giving in to my whims and fancies during childhood (actually I’m quite embarrassed about it right now to have been such a cry-baby). But it is their magnanimity that they gave me everything that I asked for
- Making the right choices for me; and sometimes giving in to my choices
- Inculcating right values in me
- Always letting me do what I wanted to do
- Always being there for me
- Everything that I have today and for the person I have become

I thank my Brother for…….

- Being my big brother, my mentor, my guide, my idol, my friend
- Always standing by me, in all my decisions
- Believing in me more than even I ever believed in myself
- All the fun we had when we were kids, for all the stories he always has to tell
- The son he is to my parents
- Just being there always

I thank my husband for…………

- Always letting me be myself
- Treating me like an equal
- Makingme get over my prejudices
- Standing true to his words, when he promised he would take care of me.... always
- Taking me by surprise everytime – whether it is cooking a complete dinner, or just a morning tea, whether it is a trip on our anniversary or several small small gifts which mean he cares
- Understanding me more than I do myself
- Always keeping his cool when I lose mine
- The way he makes my life complete

I thank all my friends for

- So many moments of happiness and little joys which I have shared with them
- How they make everything sound so simple and uncomplicated
- Just being there, no matter whether we talk that often or not; for when I need to talk, I know which number to dial
- Giving window-shopping a whole new meaning
- Really caring
- Sharing my joys and sorrows
- Being able to discuss absolutely everything with such ease
- For always being there to support my choices

In life, there are really so many people to thank for all they do and what they mean to you.


  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    A great post - deep and meaningful