Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blabbering of the mind!

It is said grass is always greener on the other side. And not for nothing! In my hectic professional life, I sometimes wonder what could life be as a fulltime housewife. When I look at long hours at work, continuous stressful state of mind, follow ups and more follow ups; it seems such an idyllic state of being! But is it so? I cannot even survive one weekend doing nothing. People have called me weird at different stages of life. I like getting up really early on a holiday, others prefer sleeping till late. And well, with the entire day on hand, I keep wondering how to best utilize the day. I have this inherent quest for a perfect, balanced life. My passion for books and magazines is strange and all-consuming. I have them in every imaginable corner of my home. But we all have our idiosyncrasies.

I am overjoyed with the sense of achievement when a job is accomplished well. It is exhilarating, and it makes all the sweat worthwhile. But I have romantic notions of stay-at-home life…… getting up early (at sunrise), exercising, cycling, having green tea, taking in the fresh air of early morning, cooking, catching up on good movies (which I always miss, since I am at office), spending time with family, finally complete all the filing, bank-related work that I always wanted to do, finally read ALL magazines, books which I have hoarded since so many years now (!), finally read newspaper (from front to back). Ah! If only life was so simple and ideal. I am certain that I will not survive this ‘do-nothing’ phase for more than a week. It is something else to take time off from work and enjoy holidays, and something else to be completely out of touch from professional life. After all, it has contributed to my being.

Perhaps, perfect life is a misnomer. Perhaps, after a while, everything becomes mundane, and routine. Perhaps, there is merit in enjoying the moment.


  1. Would you work even if you had a million dollars in your bank account?

  2. Good point. But you know, hypothetical answers are always not the correct ones  In current context, probably I would say ‘No’. I wouldn’t “work”, but i would certainly do something which may not earn me enough money for a living, but keep me occupied. Or may be I would take risk, do something which I absolutely love doing..… and it might even turn out profitable…… who knows!

  3. Correct, but at times, hypothetical answers help in arriving at a conclusion or helping in seeing the counter-point of a statement without, in this case, actually quitting one's job to see what it is like to stay at home (unless one has a million dollars to be able to afford it) :P

    For someone who is used to working, the prospect seems daunting, but could it be that it is simply a matter of adjusting to a different circumstance? Even if a working person may not have a 'job' to go to, plenty of things can be done from home... as you mentioned in your hypothetical answer if you indeed had a million dollars in your account.

    But yes, I do get your point that suddenly having to wake up and to not somewhere to go to when you have got used to going to office in the morning can seem overwhelming initially. And it can even drive people nuts in the long run if they do not find ways to keep themself occupied with something.

  4. Absolutely correct. In fact, the other day I was thinking every morning whether you feel like or not you get up and go to office. Once you are in office, you get involved in work. But imagine, if you have nowhere to go! Probably, I would keep on sleeping or more time…..and it may eventually become an aimless life!
    So, one should be absolutely clear on what he/she wants to do from home, otherwise it just doesn’t work!